MACKEY helps businesses & business owners gain control over their finances. We’re experts in rapid financial improvement, and we have the track record to prove it. We believe the key to happiness in life is tied to knowing your finances support the life you want to live.

Our unique approach that is best explained like this:

Have you ever walked across a swinging bridge? With each step, you feel the movement of the bridge under your feet, and you see the fast-moving water below. As you walk across the bridge, you attempt to manage your fear by being hyper-focused on details…

“Where is the bridge?” “Where am I on it?” “Where are my feet?” “Am I holding on tight?”

Your focus is on staying upright and secure as your feet sway with the floor of the bridge. The views around you are beautiful, but all you’re thinking about is not falling to your death in the river below.

Now, imagine walking across a steel bridge. You’re not thinking about falling…you know the bridge is solid. You marvel at the design and beauty of it and your surroundings. No fear or worry.

For many people, finances feel as unsteady and terrifying as that swinging bridge. They hyper-focus on details. They feel lost. And, they find it impossible to plan or set goals for the future because their days are spent just trying to stay upright.

But, when there’s a financial system in place, people can grow and expand without fear. Instead of being hyper-focused on details, they’re confidently open to new possibilities. They can plan and achieve their goals.

This is true not only for businesses but for everyone.

We at MACKEY believe in financial operating systems. Financial operating systems are the key to our success and the success of hundreds of our clients who, on average, experience over 500% improvement in profits after working with us for just one year.

We’re so confident in our process that we guarantee it. We challenge you to find another business advisor or financial coach that does.

If your finances make you feel like you’re walking on a swinging bridge, let us help you build the solid steel financial structure that will support you to make smarter, more confident decisions for your business, and for yourself.

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