Why settle for profits? When you work for yourself, success isn't just business. It's personal. PROSPER. When you can

The terrifying truth is, over 65% of small businesses won't make it to their 10 year anniversary. But it doesn't have to be this way.


Balance Head and Heart

Data is a Convener

Change Your Focus

Create a Circle of Success

Build a Better Toolbox

Our Prosper for business system brings the best parts of executive coaching and fractional CFO services together to transform your small business and dramatically improve your odds of success. Learn more about the Prosper for Business system


“With the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship, it is nice to know someone else is looking after my business too. Thank you.”

Matthew Dooley, Dooley Social Studio

“I can’t believe it, but since we’ve started working with Mackey’s team I’m actually working less, making more money and we’re making better decisions about the future of our company.”

Beth Robeson, Robeson Marketing

“They met our needs from a small guy to a mid-sized guy to the biggest goetta guy in the world and tailored their offerings to our needs.”

Dan Glier, Glier's Meats

“MACKEY went well beyond helping us develop great tools for analyzing our financial data, they helped me create a business where I can make a living and do what I love – helping people achieve happiness.”

Julie Bauke, The Bauke Group

“I don’t know how I ever will be able to express my gratitude for your valuable energy and intellect that you give so freely to me and my team. You bring the questions we need to answer. I absolutely love you and your great, unique team.”

Jeff Annis, Advanced Services Pest Control

“I think what makes MACKEY different is that they really care about your business and really want to understand it and be a part of it.”

Kevin Holthaus, Holthaus Lackner Signs

Value & Impact are our top priority. We only work with people we're sure we can co-create success with.

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