What is your intention? It’s a big question. And one that leads nearly every aspect of your life – including the parts that deal with money.



If it stopped you in your tracks, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Most folks have no idea what the answer might be much less how to begin finding it. Some might have a general idea about what they want out of life, but the path between where they are now financially and where they want to be is just too dimly lit. Some have an aggressive plan for growth but aren’t sure what it will eventually get them. Others just move forward without even considering where or why.

The thing is, we think “that question” is one of the most important you could ever ask yourself.

It is the why behind each action you take, financial or otherwise.  Led by your gut and heart in addition to your head, your intentions serve as a guidepost for your thoughts, attitudes, activities, and choices about not only your financial future, but ultimately, your happiness.

There’s good news. We can help you find the answer. In fact, we’re experts at doing just that.


At Mackey Advisors, we help people answer life’s big questions. We partner with you to shine a clarifying light on the way money exists and grows within your life or business.


Our process is called The Prosperity Experience®and for good reason. We do much more than crunch numbers and hand over a plan. Equal parts financial planning, investment strategy and life planning, the Prosperity Experience will help answer questions and identify paths that you might have never realized were possible.

We help our clients identify the “real why” behind every financial action. We lift rocks that have been settled for years. We hold up a magnifying glass to your psyche. We dig deep, y’all.

Why?  Because the light that illuminates the path to prosperity comes from within. Only you know your true intentions. We help you look inside and translate what you find. It all starts inside.


So… what is your intention? What inspires you?

We’re the Prosperity People.  Let us help you find your answer. 



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