There isn’t a busi­ness plan­ning struc­ture out there that doesn’t include some sort of quar­ter­ly goals & reward tool. EOS, Aileron, Great Game of Busi­ness, Own­er­ship Think­ing…. the list goes on and on.

Our Pros­per for Busi­ness sys­tem includes our ver­sion, 90-Day Sprints. These are hyper-focused, high-ener­gy, SMART goals that will push the busi­ness for­ward and relate direct­ly  to one of our annu­al strate­gic objec­tives, as set forth in Cas­cad­ing Met­rics, our annu­al plan­ning tool.

No one wants to miss out on set­ting our 90-Day Sprints because they are fun! As a result, the team reli­gious­ly sets them. We’ve found a good for­mu­la for us  is, a stretch sales goal paired with an effi­cien­cy project. Those who are respon­si­ble for the goals report out week­ly at our morn­ing hud­dle, so the entire team knows where we stand. The report sys­tem is simple:

  1. State­ment of goals
  2. Reminder of the reward
  3. Account­ing of progress toward the goal (and key actions that move the team clos­er to achievement)
  4. Cas­cad­ing mes­sages, which are any things the entire team need to know that influ­ence goal achievement

For our 90-Day Sprint end­ing Sep­tem­ber 15, 2020, we set our reward as a home­made fried chick­en din­ner from the queen her­self, Mack­ey McNeill. Mackey’s fried chick­en is based on a fam­i­ly recipe and over the years has devel­oped its own cult like fol­low­ing. Since it is a ton of work, with lots of hot grease, it takes quite a bit to per­suade Mack­ey to cook it.  But in the excite­ment of set­ting the 3rd quar­ter goals, she vol­un­teered!  A new first.

Only one per­son on the team had par­tak­en in this famed chick­en, and she was quick to build up the excite­ment and wet everyone’s taste buds. While this reward seemed a bit “sil­ly”, it met the fun cri­te­ria and was high­ly moti­vat­ing to our team. Every­one seemed to be work­ing toward our shared goal with an increased vig­or. And wouldn’t you know it, we hit our goal and on Sep­tem­ber 20 the team got their reward!

Mack­ey made the entire team PLUS their fam­i­lies a deli­cious fried chick­en din­ner. We brought pic­nic blan­kets, camp chairs and masks. It was a love­ly, sun-filled day spent togeth­er. Mack­ey cooked 5 whole chick­ens, and there were a scant 3 pieces left at the end of the cel­e­bra­tion.  The chick­en, and Mackey’s cook­ing, lived up to its leg­end. And per­haps, just maybe, to anoth­er 90-day Sprint challenge.

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