Mackey Advisors® was started as a traditional financial services firm in 1982, and grew to be one of the largest women-owned businesses in Greater Cincinnati. In 1995, Mackey’s ex-husband passed away unexpectedly. Following this she looked at her life and realized she wasn’t living her passion. She wanted to help people craft their futures in an impactful, positive way. Her ultimate goal is to create a more prosperous world one person at a time.

She spent the next several years selling off large pieces of her business, learning from the best in her field, and studying brain science, human emotions and the impact on prosperity. All of this culminated in writing the award-winning book entitled, The Intersection of Joy & Money. The principles and practices laid out in her book fueled the reinvention of her business and the development of our holistic, one-of-a-kind life by design process, The Prosperity Experience®.

In the early 2000’s Mackey set out to change the way financial services were provided to small business owners and spent the next few years crafting The Prosperity Experience® for Business. The Prosperity Experience® for Business is a business-by-design process that helps small business owners create the lives and businesses they want.

Although never planned, Mackey Advisors has become a family business with Mackey’s daughter, SG Mohr, joining the business in 2010. This two woman team along with their amazingly talented team are hell bent on changing the world one client at a time.

1982 – Mackey starts working for small businesses as a part-time Controller/CFO in an attempt to create work/life balance while raising her baby girl

1988 – Mackey moves from a basement startup to emerging business leader

1991 – Mackey grows the business to one of the largest CPA firms in the Tri-State

1995 – To celebrate her success it is declared Mackey McNeill Day in Kenton County

2002 – Mackey releases the first edition of her book, The Intersection of Joy & Money, which was named one of the Most Life Changing books of the year by The Independent Publishers Association.

2012 – Mackey Advisors buys and rehabs a building at 601 Fairfield Avenue in Bellevue KY

2014 – Mackey creates her first Board of Advisors with the help of Aileron

2015 – Mackey and her daughter, SG, complete the Next Generation Institute at The Goering Center