During a recent review of a prospective client’s results, he mentioned how disappointed he was in his outcomes.  Several years ago, he was on track to accomplish his goals, yet as we spoke, he wondered aloud if they were still attainable. He was working in the business every day and had just been assuming that his hard work was paying off, but now, he was not so sure. Unfortunately, this is a common story among many business owners. You work hard to make your business successful, you deserve to feel confident about your future results.

As I left the meeting, I felt it was clear that Mackey Advisors was a good fit for the prospect’s needs, but the prospect was still hesitant about making changes to improve results. I understand that making changes are a difficult thing for any person to do. It’s human nature to be comfortable with traditional ways of doing things instead of stepping out of your comfort zone. However, your financial future is something that shouldn’t be put on hold just because change is difficult.

What we have found that business owners truly need, is a financial operating system to help them look at more meaningful data to make the decisions needed to achieve their goals. A financial operating system is more than just monthly financial statements. While financial statements offer interesting information, this is all historical when you look at them. This information is not as helpful when it comes to planning for the future. In this financial operating system, we use other tools in addition to financial statements such as budgets, forecasts and weekly scorecards. All of these tools, when used together allow business owners to make better decisions and stay accountable towards their goals.

Why encumber yourself with worry and doubt about the future? Be proactive and make your future what you want it to be. Children are always told that they can be anything that they want to be when they grow up. I feel like it’s difficult for all of us as we get older to hold true to that belief and make things happen for ourselves. We get caught up in the day to day of life and become spectators instead of creating our own prosperity. So I will leave you with one question: What’s holding you back in your business?