IJAM 2nd Edition CoverJoy is not in things, it is in you.

The Intersection of Joy and Money happens when you are present to both joy and money simultaneously in the present. This is true prosperity.

Joy is not in things, it is in you. Joy is an inside job. Money is used to get things. If joy is in you, not in things, how can money keep you from joy?

Just about everything you acquire in your life requires money. Money is the way you get your physical needs met. It is the exchange of medium for the basics of life like health care, food, clothing, shelter as well as the indulgences of life, like travel and toys. Given the importance of money, anything that threatens your supply naturally fosters fear. Fear and joy are mutually exclusive. They cannot co-exist.

What keeps you from The Intersection of Joy and Money? Just one thing, fear! Fear looks like dread, worry or anxiety. When fear is in high gear, it takes over your body and invades your mind. On occasion, fear feels so real it takes your breath away. Like a poison it paralyzes or at other times like a gazelle your run away from your fear.

Fear can also be like a little nagging doubt. Rather than an all-consuming fear, it whispers in your mind ever so softly but relentlessly. Over and over it repeats its punishing message of worry, breaking down your courage to prosperous little by little with every negative message.

Big or small, fear keeps you off center, off balance and removed from peace and joy. It exists only in your mind.

A wise woman told me once that for every ailment that is caused by nature, nature provides an antidote. For example, poison ivy, an ailment created by nature that I am personally way too familiar with, is cured by jewel weed and tea tree oil. What nature creates nature cures. As part of nature, you can tap into the genius of the natural world to cure your fear.

Since fear’s home is your mind, the first logical place to look for the antidote is your mind. Only it doesn’t work that way. You cannot think you way out of fear. Trying to do that is like trying to wash your hands in olive oil. You rub and rub and all you are going to get is nice soft hands covered in oil. Fear begets fear.

The antidote for fear is action that is aligned with your intention.

There are two ways to be in action in the world. One is to react to the circumstances of your life and the other is to go inside, discover what your intention or purpose is and take deliberate action toward your intention. While both kinds of actions put you in motion, they take you to very different places.

Reactive action is like being in a row boat in the river with no oars and no compass. You go where the river takes you. Sometimes you are floating lazily down the river and other times you are in the turbulence of a rapid or you are bumping into the shore. The river is in charge. You are at its mercy.

Action aligned with your intention, takes you where you want to go. When you are intentional, you first survey the river and build docks where you want to stop and rest. You map out your journey before you begin. You pack appropriately based on the length and nature of your trip, with a life jacket, paddles, and provisions. Everything may not happen according to plan, but because you are prepared, course corrections for the inevitable unexpected can be made with ease.

It is easy to confuse reactive action (reactivity) and purposeful action. Fear subsides when you get in action, so initially they both feel the same. Without the compass of intention, reactivity is exhausting. However, reactivity eventually creates more fear as you are unprepared for the twists and turns that naturally happen.

It takes time, energy and patience to build an intentional financial action plan. But the payoff is equal or greater than the planning effort. Think for a minute what your life would be like if you were confident, joyous and peaceful about your finances? Isn’t that worth a little extra time and effort?

It takes courage to be quiet and honest with yourself and find that place of knowing, not guessing, what you really want to create in your life. It also takes courage to say out loud, this is what I want!   More courage is needed to take that first step toward your dreams. Yet, how will you ever create what you really want in your life if you don’t claim it? No one else is going to do it for you. This is your life and you get to create it any way you want. Why not create it on purpose?

Life unfolds based on the choices you make. Choices made in reactivity create opportunity for fear and chaos. Choices made in alignment with intention create opportunity for peace and joy.

I could say that once you have an intentional financial plan you will never have financial fear again. But it wouldn’t be true, so I wouldn’t say it. Fear happens. Life happens. Sometimes the bumps in the road look scary. Your job as a conscious, intentional human is to take a deep breath, stay out of reactivity, and do nothing until you are grounded and centered enough to take action in alignment with your intention.

Most financial planning firms today generate financial plans for their clients. As a result, they are full of should’ s, ought to’s and have to’s. They are arguably the plan of the planner more than the plan of the client.

At Mackey Advisors, we create financial plans using our process, The Prosperity Experience®, with our clients. Client plans begin with their intention, and are filled with things and experiences that inspire and energize. We leave the should’ s, ought to’s and have to’s at the door. At Mackey Advisors, everything is a choice, the client’s choice.

Studies show that only about thirty percent of the population has a financial plan. Given that most financial plans are prepared by the planner, not the client, the percentage of the population that has a plan that inspires and energizes their life must be very small indeed.

At Mackey Advisors we are committed to changing this reality. Our mission to unleash the prosperity potential in individuals, couples, families and businesses through The Prosperity Experience®. We know the world will be a better place when more people live a financial life filled with joy. If your life has been blessed by The Prosperity Experience®, please reach out and tell your friends and family. We promise to leave the should’ s, ought to’s and have to’s at the door and inspire your family and friends to create a joy filled life.

In joy,