IJAM 2nd Edition CoverJoy is not in things, it is in you.

The Inter­sec­tion of Joy and Mon­ey hap­pens when you are present to both joy and mon­ey simul­ta­ne­ous­ly in the present. This is true pros­per­i­ty.

Joy is not in things, it is in you. Joy is an inside job. Mon­ey is used to get things. If joy is in you, not in things, how can mon­ey keep you from joy?

Just about every­thing you acquire in your life requires mon­ey. Mon­ey is the way you get your phys­i­cal needs met. It is the exchange of medi­um for the basics of life like health care, food, cloth­ing, shel­ter as well as the indul­gences of life, like trav­el and toys. Giv­en the impor­tance of mon­ey, any­thing that threat­ens your sup­ply nat­u­ral­ly fos­ters fear. Fear and joy are mutu­al­ly exclu­sive. They can­not co-exist.

What keeps you from The Inter­sec­tion of Joy and Mon­ey? Just one thing, fear! Fear looks like dread, wor­ry or anx­i­ety. When fear is in high gear, it takes over your body and invades your mind. On occa­sion, fear feels so real it takes your breath away. Like a poi­son it par­a­lyzes or at oth­er times like a gazelle your run away from your fear.

Fear can also be like a lit­tle nag­ging doubt. Rather than an all-con­sum­ing fear, it whis­pers in your mind ever so soft­ly but relent­less­ly. Over and over it repeats its pun­ish­ing mes­sage of wor­ry, break­ing down your courage to pros­per­ous lit­tle by lit­tle with every neg­a­tive mes­sage.

Big or small, fear keeps you off cen­ter, off bal­ance and removed from peace and joy. It exists only in your mind.

A wise woman told me once that for every ail­ment that is caused by nature, nature pro­vides an anti­dote. For exam­ple, poi­son ivy, an ail­ment cre­at­ed by nature that I am per­son­al­ly way too famil­iar with, is cured by jew­el weed and tea tree oil. What nature cre­ates nature cures. As part of nature, you can tap into the genius of the nat­ur­al world to cure your fear.

Since fear’s home is your mind, the first log­i­cal place to look for the anti­dote is your mind. Only it doesn’t work that way. You can­not think you way out of fear. Try­ing to do that is like try­ing to wash your hands in olive oil. You rub and rub and all you are going to get is nice soft hands cov­ered in oil. Fear begets fear.

The anti­dote for fear is action that is aligned with your inten­tion.

There are two ways to be in action in the world. One is to react to the cir­cum­stances of your life and the oth­er is to go inside, dis­cov­er what your inten­tion or pur­pose is and take delib­er­ate action toward your inten­tion. While both kinds of actions put you in motion, they take you to very dif­fer­ent places.

Reac­tive action is like being in a row boat in the riv­er with no oars and no com­pass. You go where the riv­er takes you. Some­times you are float­ing lazi­ly down the riv­er and oth­er times you are in the tur­bu­lence of a rapid or you are bump­ing into the shore. The riv­er is in charge. You are at its mer­cy.

Action aligned with your inten­tion, takes you where you want to go. When you are inten­tion­al, you first sur­vey the riv­er and build docks where you want to stop and rest. You map out your jour­ney before you begin. You pack appro­pri­ate­ly based on the length and nature of your trip, with a life jack­et, pad­dles, and pro­vi­sions. Every­thing may not hap­pen accord­ing to plan, but because you are pre­pared, course cor­rec­tions for the inevitable unex­pect­ed can be made with ease.

It is easy to con­fuse reac­tive action (reac­tiv­i­ty) and pur­pose­ful action. Fear sub­sides when you get in action, so ini­tial­ly they both feel the same. With­out the com­pass of inten­tion, reac­tiv­i­ty is exhaust­ing. How­ev­er, reac­tiv­i­ty even­tu­al­ly cre­ates more fear as you are unpre­pared for the twists and turns that nat­u­ral­ly hap­pen.

It takes time, ener­gy and patience to build an inten­tion­al finan­cial action plan. But the pay­off is equal or greater than the plan­ning effort. Think for a minute what your life would be like if you were con­fi­dent, joy­ous and peace­ful about your finances? Isn’t that worth a lit­tle extra time and effort?

It takes courage to be qui­et and hon­est with your­self and find that place of know­ing, not guess­ing, what you real­ly want to cre­ate in your life. It also takes courage to say out loud, this is what I want!   More courage is need­ed to take that first step toward your dreams. Yet, how will you ever cre­ate what you real­ly want in your life if you don’t claim it? No one else is going to do it for you. This is your life and you get to cre­ate it any way you want. Why not cre­ate it on pur­pose?

Life unfolds based on the choic­es you make. Choic­es made in reac­tiv­i­ty cre­ate oppor­tu­ni­ty for fear and chaos. Choic­es made in align­ment with inten­tion cre­ate oppor­tu­ni­ty for peace and joy.

I could say that once you have an inten­tion­al finan­cial plan you will nev­er have finan­cial fear again. But it wouldn’t be true, so I wouldn’t say it. Fear hap­pens. Life hap­pens. Some­times the bumps in the road look scary. Your job as a con­scious, inten­tion­al human is to take a deep breath, stay out of reac­tiv­i­ty, and do noth­ing until you are ground­ed and cen­tered enough to take action in align­ment with your inten­tion.

Most finan­cial plan­ning firms today gen­er­ate finan­cial plans for their clients. As a result, they are full of should’ s, ought to’s and have to’s. They are arguably the plan of the plan­ner more than the plan of the client.

At Mack­ey Advi­sors, we cre­ate finan­cial plans using our process, The Pros­per­i­ty Expe­ri­ence®, with our clients. Client plans begin with their inten­tion, and are filled with things and expe­ri­ences that inspire and ener­gize. We leave the should’ s, ought to’s and have to’s at the door. At Mack­ey Advi­sors, every­thing is a choice, the client’s choice.

Stud­ies show that only about thir­ty per­cent of the pop­u­la­tion has a finan­cial plan. Giv­en that most finan­cial plans are pre­pared by the plan­ner, not the client, the per­cent­age of the pop­u­la­tion that has a plan that inspires and ener­gizes their life must be very small indeed.

At Mack­ey Advi­sors we are com­mit­ted to chang­ing this real­i­ty. Our mis­sion to unleash the pros­per­i­ty poten­tial in indi­vid­u­als, cou­ples, fam­i­lies and busi­ness­es through The Pros­per­i­ty Expe­ri­ence®. We know the world will be a bet­ter place when more peo­ple live a finan­cial life filled with joy. If your life has been blessed by The Pros­per­i­ty Expe­ri­ence®, please reach out and tell your friends and fam­i­ly. We promise to leave the should’ s, ought to’s and have to’s at the door and inspire your fam­i­ly and friends to cre­ate a joy filled life.

In joy,