IMG_0944When I was young I thought being a collector was one of those things you grew up to be. Most of the people I knew had something they collected and at first blush it seemed to bring them happiness. My Mother loved old glass, especially pink glass, and her home was filled with it.

In my mid 20’s busy working and making my own nest, I decided to collect Royal Doulton ladies. I had received one for a wedding present and she was magnificent. I smiled every time I passed her in the house. When my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I shared with him that I was going to collect Royal Doulton pretty ladies. His response surprised and disappointed me, “They will lose their specialness if you have a lot of them.” “Why not just enjoy the one you have?”

Over the years my disappointment in his comments converted to appreciation. He was right. I began to notice. When I was in someone’s home and they had a collection of this or that, it was hard to appreciate and take in the beauty of any one of them. But when they had one special something displayed on the coffee table, I could truly soak it in and find the place of wonder and appreciation inside myself that beauty deserves.

Enoughness isn’t a word in the English language, but it should be. If you look up the word enough, it can be used as a noun, adjective or adverb. Enoughness is a state of being, or a verb. Enoughness is a way to live that honors yourself, brings you peace and honors the planet.

Three reasons to embrace enoughness.

  1. It’s your limited life energy that you are exchanging for things.
  2. Knowing your enoughness point creates peace.
  3. It is our precious planet’s resources that are producing all those things.

Unless you are a trust fund baby, pretty much everything you acquire requires that you first use your time and energy to accumulate money. With each paycheck and each purchase you are exchanging your life energy. If you think of purchases and paychecks as exchanges of money it’s less personal. But when you boil it down to what is really going on, it’s your life energy.

You get 24 hours a day just like everyone else. And you have only so much life. How much isn’t certain, but it is none the less limited. No matter how you try to slice or dice it, in the end, you only have a certain amount of life energy. For me, thinking about it this way makes everything more precious, more personal, and more sacred.

There is no right or wrong here. Just choice. How you choose to exchange your life energy is up to you. As you explore this idea of enoughness, ask, What is my prosperity intention and are my current choices in alignment?

Knowing your enoughness point creates peace, the kind that comes from deep within you. We are encouraged constantly to seek more. But to what end and why? What if you knew what was enough for you? What if prosperity was a choice?

To live in enoughness doesn’t mean you have to choose austerity. At Mackey Advisors we advocate, fight for, and promote everyone living a prosperous life. What is prosperous for you and your family is likely different than your sister’s choice, your neighbors choice or your co-workers choice. Why not give up wanting to be someone else and be fully you? Be your own glorious version of prosperity?

The third reason to live in enoughness is that everything you acquire is made out of the raw materials our precious planet produces such as cotton, water, metals and oil. Some of these materials took millions of years for the earth to create, yet we are able to acquire then cheaply and when we tire of them, dispose of them in someone else’s back yard. (that is unless you live in Lebanon). Do you value this one precious planet you are honored to inhabit? If so, does it deserve for you to be mindful and respectful of your purchases?

If money sometimes seems like a struggle for you, turn off the TV, your computer, quiet your mind and be still. Then ask, What if I chose enoughness?