Have you ever been on vacation when a terrific new idea for your business just popped into your mind? Do you have your best ideas first thing in the morning, in the shower? Do you get solutions to your most challenging dilemmas when you least expect them?

The truth is that our brain works best at creating new ideas when it is not filled with a to-do list. If you want to grow your business, create a new process, develop a new income stream, find a new market. The best first step you can take is to just let yourself be. 

We all need a wind down, recharge place. I am convinced that the more time we spend there, the more we get done when we move into “doing mode.” It may seem counter-intuitive, but a relaxed person is a more productive person.

A few years ago for my birthday present, my husband gave me a “porch” swing overlooking my favorite site on Banklick Creek. It is just a few hundred yards from our back door and I love to go there and do nothing. It is down time for my brain, and the creek seems happy to accommodate. There is the visual feast of the beauty of the creek, along with the sounds of white water, sometimes topped off by the Kingfisher passing by. It makes for a great place to nap or a place just to kick back for 5 or 10 minutes.

If you are in need of inspiration, make time for your “porch swing overlooking the creek.” Your business will thank you and you’ll be less stressed too. Happy Being.