We do not just focus on financial prosperity…we focus on environmental prosperity, too. 

 In an effort to truly model the need for a more sustainable operation, we will begin the transition this week to 100% renewable energy with the installation of a solar panel system on the roof of our Bellevue Kentucky office.

The savings here are spectacular: in the first year of our energy-efficient operation, the solar panel will produce an estimated 26,610 kilowatt-hours. This is equivalent to 2,117 gallons of gasoline consumed or 20,731 pounds of coal burned.

“We simply cannot deny the need to take the status and longevity of our physical environment more seriously, and we have always wanted to do our part in making sure Bellevue and the Cincinnati region remain at the forefront of innovation and environmental sustainability. We hope that by making this investment in the health of our community, our fellow businesses and even individual members of society will see this as an option to improve the way we live and work,” said Mackey McNeill, Chief Executive Officer, MACKEY. McNeill has also made the shift to 100% renewable energy on her own farm.

The solar panel installation began last week and was completed on Tuesday, March 3rd. A rendering of the finished product can be seen below. Solar Energy Solutions will be conducting the installation and applauds MACKEY for taking this step toward sustainability.