Our theme for this year is “To Pop.”  Mackey Advisors kicks off with a theme for several reasons: to have fun, to learn from each other, to focus our attention on what is important and to build team spirit.

To bring our theme to life, each team member has to develop a unique answer to the question, “What does popcorn have to do with a high performing team?”  

How it works is each Monday 1 team member shares with the group their answer to the question and pops the popcorn. 

Grace Mohr kicked off the theme by sharing the bell curve of innovation.  In any innovation there are the innovators who create the new, the early adopters who want to be the first to try it out, next comes the early and late majority at the middle of the bell curve, and on the tail are the laggards or

Everett Rogers Technology Adoption Lifecycle model, from Wikipedia


Grace pointed out that that is exactly how popcorn pops. First it is slow, just a few kernels, then a few more, then most of them pop, and finally the laggard kernels.  She also noted that a high performing team needs all types too.  We need innovators; we need early adopters, the masses and the laggards or skeptics to remind us that all innovation is not useful.

At Mackey Advisors, our passion is to empower confident action.  Once confident, decisions flow and growth pops!  Here’s to your popping in 2012.