How is Mackey Advisors™ like popcorn?  Well, let’s think about it.  You have probably eaten a bowl of popcorn, only to notice as you get near the bottom that there are some un-popped kernels.  Sometimes there are more and sometimes there is less.  You probably don’t do things any differently each time you pop, and are probably not discouraged at all by these bad kernels.

These kernels might represent rising taxes, a month where your business is off, maybe a bad day for your investment accounts.  These are often things that are out of our control.  We have to learn to deal with little imperfections everyday on our path to prosperity.  Mackey Advisors™ strives to bring you contentment and satisfaction.  We are the popcorn, satisfying you regardless of some of the bumps along the way. 

When you get a bowl of popcorn there are un-popped kernels, but generally the bowl satisfies.  We work every day to make sure that while there are always things beyond our control, you our clients and friends, are always ultimately satisfied with the whole experience.  And that my friends, is how Mackey Advisors™ is like popcorn.