How is Mackey Advisors like popcorn?  The answer is simple, popcorn pops.  In his book ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ Wallace Wattles spends a lot of time discussing the need to get a clear and detailed vision of what you want to achieve.  At Mackey Advisors we help you to take the vision that you have for your business and develop it.  We help you to determine the true Purpose for your business.  What do you really want your business to achieve for you and how your business goals align with your personal goals and what is important to you.

Once we have established your business’ purpose we work with you to determine the best data to gather and to make sense of that data.  Through this process we help to uncover Opportunities for your business to fulfill that purpose.

As you uncover these opportunities and take advantage of them you will begin to experience true Prosperity, that point in life where joy and money intersect.  When your business is not just experiencing financial success but it is running the way you envision and it is filling the role in the world around you that you want it to fill and allowing you to live the life you dream of living you will experience true prosperity.

So just like Mackey Advisors, popcorn pops!