It was named by an enthusiastic sampler who remarked, “That’s crackerjack!” (a colloquialism meaning “of excellent quality”

Last week, Laura touched on the different ways someone can make popcorn.  She explained how with the correct skills and ingredients one can make customizable popcorn for each of your dinner guests.  She then went on to explain how our team at Mackey Advisors consist of a variety of people which allows us to work together to customize services to fit each one of our client’s needs. 


With baseball season approaching, when I sat down to relate our team to popcorn, I couldn’t get the idea of a box of Cracker Jack out of my head.  While Laura chose to describe how each member of our team is unique, I want to focus on how the specific services our team offers come together to form an outstanding mix, and relate them to a box of Cracker Jack.

The popcorn is obviously a staple in a box of Cracker Jack, and in my mind it represents the set of services we provide that people would expect out of a typical CPA firm.  Just like the popcorn is essential, these base services we provide are a strong foundation to the firm as a whole. 

Sticking to the accounting side I am choosing our newest service Prosperity Inc. to be represented by the nuts.   In a nutshell, Prosperity Inc. allows business owners to have confidence in their decision making by creating cascading metrics which flow from the organization-wide goals down to each individual in your company.  This new service is one of the main factors which separate us from other firms, just like the nuts separate Cracker Jack from its other competitors. 

The third and final ingredient to discuss is molasses.  One thing about the molasses in a box of Cracker Jack is that it covers the other ingredients making both the popcorn and nuts have a taste which creates much more satisfaction than if they were just by themselves.  The service I am relating the molasses to is our award winning process The Prosperity Experience.  While some of our clients are already engaged in a partnership with us when it comes to their business, all of our clients have the opportunity to bring prosperity into their personal life. 

Each service I described does relate to just one ingredient in the box of Cracker Jack, and while I don’t expect everyone to engage in all the services we offer, to achieve a perfect mouthful with all three taste you might want to look into the  ones you aren’t yet familiar with.