In the last install­ment of “Mack­ey Pops” Car­o­line revealed how a ker­nel of corn is full of poten­tial just like each of us.  When put in the right envi­ron­ment, we are moti­vat­ed to reach a high­er lev­el of achieve­ment.  She then passed the baton to me, and I, in turn, felt moti­vat­ed to push my own bound­aries of achieve­ment.  I made pop­corn with­out the use of a microwave for the first time! 

I con­sid­ered the dif­fer­ent types of pop­corn I could make.  There’s but­tered pop­corn, cheese pop­corn, ket­tle corn, caramel corn.  Pop­corn can be sweet or salty or both.  It is ver­sa­tile enough to please most any­one.  If you are skilled at mak­ing pop­corn, and you have a kitchen stocked with ingre­di­ents, you could make cus­tomized pop­corn for each of your din­ner guests. 

Pho­to by: Mari­ia Krav­tosa, EamArt

Our team is like­wise stocked with a vari­ety of peo­ple, each with his or her own unique per­spec­tive and abil­i­ties.  What makes us effec­tive as a whole is our abil­i­ty to adapt to fit the chang­ing needs of each new project or task that comes along.  Just like pop­corn can be made to please dif­fer­ent tastes, our team can work togeth­er to deliv­er cus­tomized ser­vice to fit each client’s needs.