In the last installment of “Mackey Pops” Caroline revealed how a kernel of corn is full of potential just like each of us.  When put in the right environment, we are motivated to reach a higher level of achievement.  She then passed the baton to me, and I, in turn, felt motivated to push my own boundaries of achievement.  I made popcorn without the use of a microwave for the first time! 

I considered the different types of popcorn I could make.  There’s buttered popcorn, cheese popcorn, kettle corn, caramel corn.  Popcorn can be sweet or salty or both.  It is versatile enough to please most anyone.  If you are skilled at making popcorn, and you have a kitchen stocked with ingredients, you could make customized popcorn for each of your dinner guests. 

Photo by: Mariia Kravtosa, EamArt

Our team is likewise stocked with a variety of people, each with his or her own unique perspective and abilities.  What makes us effective as a whole is our ability to adapt to fit the changing needs of each new project or task that comes along.  Just like popcorn can be made to please different tastes, our team can work together to deliver customized service to fit each client’s needs.