How is Mackey Advisors like popcorn? These metaphors always sound a little silly to me at first, but when you struggle to find a connection you begin to look at people, the company and the product in a new light.  In this case I began to think about how popcorn is made, how it starts out and becomes something entirely different than how it began; and then it became very clear to me that it is made in the exact same way that a great team is.  Every piece of corn comes with the potential to become popcorn, but can’t on its own.  Each piece of corn has inside its extremely tough shell, the exact right amount of water and oil needed to break the shell and fluff the corn.  So how do we get inside the shell and help it reach its full potential?  The same way we push people beyond what they are doing and show them they are capable of so much more; we put them in an environment that pushes them and helps them to become great. 

Each kernel of corn is filled with potential and putting them in the right environment creates something new and delicious, just like when people are in the right environment they can reach their full potential as individuals, and as a team.  I believe that Mackey Advisors is the kind of environment that fosters its team members into becoming better than when they started, helping them to reach their potential, fulfill their potential as a team and helping our clients to reach their potential as well.