How is Mack­ey Advi­sors like pop­corn? These metaphors always sound a lit­tle sil­ly to me at first, but when you strug­gle to find a con­nec­tion you begin to look at peo­ple, the com­pa­ny and the prod­uct in a new light.  In this case I began to think about how pop­corn is made, how it starts out and becomes some­thing entire­ly dif­fer­ent than how it began; and then it became very clear to me that it is made in the exact same way that a great team is.  Every piece of corn comes with the poten­tial to become pop­corn, but can’t on its own.  Each piece of corn has inside its extreme­ly tough shell, the exact right amount of water and oil need­ed to break the shell and fluff the corn.  So how do we get inside the shell and help it reach its full poten­tial?  The same way we push peo­ple beyond what they are doing and show them they are capa­ble of so much more; we put them in an envi­ron­ment that push­es them and helps them to become great. 

Each ker­nel of corn is filled with poten­tial and putting them in the right envi­ron­ment cre­ates some­thing new and deli­cious, just like when peo­ple are in the right envi­ron­ment they can reach their full poten­tial as indi­vid­u­als, and as a team.  I believe that Mack­ey Advi­sors is the kind of envi­ron­ment that fos­ters its team mem­bers into becom­ing bet­ter than when they start­ed, help­ing them to reach their poten­tial, ful­fill their poten­tial as a team and help­ing our clients to reach their poten­tial as well.