You’ve heard it a million times. You hear the word niche and think “Oh that sounds great, but I can’t simply choose only one because I love working with all of my clients.” Then you brush it off and never think about it again. It is typically our emotions that prevent us from actually looking at this from a logical perspective. People automatically assume that since you are moving forward on a niche that you have to immediately fire your current clients that don’t fit that mold, which isn’t the case. Don’t let your emotions ruin a clear opportunity that you have to grow and do great work for your clients.

Here is why you should pick a niche and stick to it:

Marketing is much easier

Different niche markets have different challenges that they need your help to overcome. If you want to help everyone, you will need different messaging for each industry since they all have different problems. That leads to having hundreds of different conversations during your sales calls. Use your experience in your niche to have the same conversations with each new prospect. If you’ve sold one, you can sell another. Pick one strategy and you will have a clear, consistent process.

You are more useful

If you are focused on one niche, you naturally become the expert in that niche. You see the same problems. You have the same conversations. You have much more experience, so you are less likely to come across a situation that you haven’t helped someone with before. This allows you to provide more value to the people you work with. This leads to happier, lifelong clients. You are already confident in your abilities as an expert, make it easier for others to think the same.

You are more efficient

Instead of having many processes or tweaking your core process based on the clients that you work with, you can focus on the one process that delivers the value. Once you get in the habit of doing things only one way, the time it takes to do something greatly diminishes. It’s also easier to identify bottlenecks in your process so that you fine tune your process for the best results. Time is money. If you can get the same results in less time, why wouldn’t you?

You can charge more

Consistent results lead to consistent demand which leads to your ability to charge a premium. You are recognized as the leading expert in your niche due to your success. You have a much higher demand of people wanting to work with you because they want those same results. You know you’ve always thought your time is worth more than what you’re currently getting paid, so fix that.


It’s simple, right? You save time and energy on the work that you provide and the marketing you use to obtain new clients. You have clients that are happier than ever, and you get paid more than ever before. So, what’s stopping you?