I am going to go to the archives for this month’s fea­ture.  I have been short on time, and this reprint from Octo­ber 2007 fits per­fect­ly.  Mack­ey Advi­sors™ is cur­rent­ly par­tic­i­pat­ing in the NKY Chamber’s first annu­al Well­ness Com­pe­ti­tion.  Enjoy this piece and I hope it encour­ages you to save mon­ey, save the world, and save your health.  You deserve it!

As the weath­er begins to cool down, most Amer­i­cans tend to ven­ture out­side again.  Trapped at slip­pery pool­sides, cool, dark movie the­aters, and in arti­fi­cial, icy air, for 4 months, it only makes sense that it be time for change.  The new sea­son is also a time to become wild­ly pros­per­ous (I real­ly think we should trade­mark this.), or at least more so than usu­al.  The activ­i­ties we choose in the autumn months can be cheap­er, health­i­er, and have a much more pos­i­tive impact on the plan­et.

No doubt sum­mer­time is expen­sive.  We vaca­tion, we dine out, we buy bug repel­lant, and count­less cold drinks, what­ev­er your pref­er­ence.  Each time we pur­chase that huge, frozen Mochachi­no we shell out $4.00 plus, put a plas­tic cup, lid, and straw into a land­fill, and prob­a­bly gain some around the mid­dle.  I chal­lenge you to take a break from these activ­i­ties and get out­side.  The days are still warm and the nights are get­ting crisp.  Let’s take a few min­utes to explore how we might make it a pros­per­ous fall.

Take a minute to com­pare the cost of a hotel room ver­sus a camp­site.  A $125 hotel room usu­al­ly isn’t much to write home about any­more, but a $15 camp­site at a state park might just be worth a pic­ture.  That is $110 you can use to join a health club, plant a new tree, donate to char­i­ty, or extend your camp­ing trip for anoth­er week.  If that isn’t being pros­per­ous, then what is?  A trip to a nation­al park or recre­ation area like The Great Smoky Moun­tains or the Red Riv­er Gorge won’t even cost you a cent.

I also like to con­sid­er what else my deci­sion to be out­side might save me.  Well there might be a doc­tor vis­it or two down the line when I am in bet­ter shape than my hotel bound self might be.  Even if I choose the old camp­ing tra­di­tion of sausage and eggs for break­fast, while I might not do my arter­ies a favor, the amount of chem­i­cals, addi­tives, and fat we find in so many restau­rants would be left behind.  It’s also easy to pro­duce lit­tle waste in the out­doors.  A small amount of pack­ag­ing is about all I leave behind oth­er than a few foot­prints.  You can wash your dish­es, and the car­ry­out bags, plas­tic cups, paper plates we asso­ciate with din­ing out dis­ap­pear.  Just think of the mon­ey that could be put to bet­ter use, and the less we would put in a land­fill if we all went camp­ing one week­end.  I could bore with sta­tis­tics and put a dol­lar fig­ure on this para­graph, instead I will just ask you to trust me.

“Woah”, you are say­ing right now.  “I hate camp­ing!”  That may very well be the case, or per­haps it’s some oth­er fam­i­ly member/friend’s case.  There are plen­ty of oth­er options that abound this time of year.  Instead of din­ing out on Fri­day nights, grab a bite at home and go catch a high school foot­ball game.  Let the Pan­ther, Tiger, or what­ev­er ani­mal in you, out.  Its great social­iza­tion, the dirt cheap cost of admis­sion goes to sup­port your local school sys­tem, and it gets you off the couch.  As we saw in our first exam­ple, dozens of dol­lars saved, a pros­per­ous school and com­mu­ni­ty, and maybe even a few pounds left behind.


Allow your imag­i­na­tion to run wild with ideas this fall.  There are fes­ti­vals every week­end that get you out and about, eat­ing healthy foods (should you choose), and sup­port­ing orga­ni­za­tions that make a dif­fer­ence.  You can also do all of these things and leave more mon­ey in your bank account.

The list of dif­fer­ences like this we can make this time of year is end­less.  In sum­ma­ry con­sid­er if imple­ment­ing some of these sug­ges­tions save you direct­ly (or indi­rect­ly) $1000 between now and Decem­ber.  The old finan­cial “Rule of 72” tell us that grand would grow to around $20,000 in 30 years when you are ready to send kids to col­lege, retire, or per­haps leave your mark on the world.  More mon­ey, clean­er air, health­i­er orga­ni­za­tions, and bet­ter health.  Wild­ly pros­per­ous?… I think so!