I am re-reading Wallace Wattles classic book, The Science of Getting Rich.   Chapter 5 is titled “Increasing Life.” The title to the chapter says plenty on its own, but I was struck by one passage in particular: “You must get rid of the thought of competition. You are to create, not to compete for what is already created.  You do not need to take anything away from anyone. … You are to become a creator, not a competitor.”

I read it over and over. I am sure I read this passage the first time I read the book, but I did not take it in.  I did not see how profound the distinction.

The difference in creating something new and competing for what already exists is enormous.

 Competing means that for you to get more, you must take from someone else. Supply is limited.  Someone has to lose so you can win. You are not making something new, just working hard to defeat your competitors. Competition is outward energy of action and doing and usually results in the competitor becoming burned out.

Creating assumes there is always more to be created. Supply is unlimited. Creating is about bringing something new to the world. It is also about adding value to what already exists. Creative energy is balanced, as it requires both introspection and action. The flow of creation enlarges life, and enlivens us.

When you look at it this way, why would you choose competition?

 This one little passage is also a road map for how to make your business grow and excel. What if in 2012, you decided to create something totally new to add value to your customer’s lives? What if you forgot what you think you know about your business and just asked, how can I solve a problem for my customer? How can I make their lives better or easier? 

Do you think it would add to the quality of their lives?  And to yours?

So where do you start? With your customers.

I have never met a customer who would not sit down with me and tell me how to improve our service delivery. I have held customer advisory board meetings for clients and I find their customers are exactly the same. They sincerely want to help you help them.

 Try out the solutions your customers give you in small ways. Test it out and if it works, do it again, if not don’t.

At Mackey Advisors, we have always been creative. We have had our share of new things that did not work, and we have had our successes. Several years ago we stepped up our creative juices in this very way. WE started with what clients really want, to empower confident action relative to their wealth, and we created solutions to get them there. The Prosperity Experience® was our first creation and it I transforms lives every day. It has more than doubled our business.

In 2011, we rolled out Prosperity INC, which brings the power of metrics to inform and transform any business. It is too soon to tell for sure what impact Prosperity INC will have on our business. But so far it is creating dramatic positive change for clients, so I have to believe that Prosperity INC is about to leap frog us to a whole new level. 

As you are putting together your financial budget for 2012, do a time budget as well. Set some time aside to look further into the idea that you can create/ innovate solutions for your customers.  Tomorrow someone will create something new that adds value beyond what is currently available. As wealth is created for others, in turn that business owner will create more personal wealth. Why not let that someone be you?