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“The Prosperity Playbook: Planning for a Successful Family Business Succession”

How Prepared Are You to Turn Over the Keys of Your Business to the Next Generation?

Economic sustainability is at the top of many of our minds these days – and  turning a family-owned business over to the next generation is the biggest financial transaction an entrepreneur will ever make in their lifetime. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the importance of this transaction, and author Mackey McNeill wants to serve as a resource for families during this vulnerable time.

Helping guide family-business owners through this once-in-a-lifetime event is what The Prosperity Playbook: Planning for a Successful Family Business Succession, (currently a Top Amazon seller in 3 categories), is all about! A successful succession requires careful thought, detailed planning, and a generous amount of fortitude to complete this process. Author and leading financial expert Mackey McNeill not only walks business owners through all of the important financial decisions that need to be made, but also prepares owners for the emotional journey they will experience throughout this process.  This guide offers an innovative, step-by-step, easy-to-follow process.  It also helps guide the next generation to their own success.

 “Most business owners are so busy actually running their businesses, that they forget to plan ahead for retirement and succession,” says McNeill, “And they are shocked to discover just how unprepared they actually are when the time comes.”  That’s why The Prosperity Playbook is so vital for business owners to read right now, while there is time to think and plan. And that’s why today, the Prosperity Playbook is available on Amazon for purchase.

 Author and financial expert Mackey McNeill is CEO and President of MACKEY, a Cincinnati-based firm offering family-owned businesses an invaluable and innovative combination of coaching and CFO-level financial expertise to increase their chances of a successful succession.