renewal pictureI was blessed to have 10 days in early February at a yoga retreat on beautiful Paradise Island in the Bahamas to renew and refresh.  2012 marked my 30th year in business, and I saw these 10 days as a gift to myself. Those 10 days were also a gift to me by the incredible team at Mackey Advisors.  They handled everything with grace and ease in my absence.

I kept a journal of my inner process and on the last day, summarized my take-aways.

Here they are in no particular order:

  • Without considering my wants and needs, I usually follow the rules
  • I take life way to seriously
  • My inner critical voice is way to busy inside my head
  • Being with someone I like, love and enjoy is more important to me than where I am
  • Beauty feeds me
  • When my body is strong, I am happier
  • Peace is an inside job
  • The “bad” things that happened to me in the past were building blocks of my character and wisdom, anytime I chose they can be blessings
  • Observation is a valuable and often overlooked talent
  • Shame and regret are useless energy
  • I love my journal

I also made a few commitments to myself:

  • It’s all about balance, and I am going to purposefully balance my life each week.
  • Positivity is my new practice
  • To slow down and make clear and conscious choices in all areas of my life
  • To love myself as much as I love others
  • To live in joy

My hope is by sharing this list; you may find a piece of yourself that needs renewal and attention and in so doing you find more love and peace.

May prosperity be yours


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