Few things upset me more than self-help money books, manuals and courses that proclaim, follow us, the one right way.

Each of us is an individual.  We don’t look alike, act alike, have the same opinions, needs, desires or goals.  This is an easy truth to see, just walk down any major downtown street at lunch time and people watch.   We come in all shapes and sizes; we have different gates; we wear different clothes and we express ourselves uniquely.

So why is it we expect that when we take the complex world of money, marry it with our unique and very personal opinions, needs, desires and goals and possibly expect that there is One Right Way!

Accumulating wealth and living a prosperous life involves engaging four areas of our life, thought, emotion, design and action.  Let’s look at each.

Thought.  To be wealth and prosperous we must first intend it.  Sounds simple, but how often have you really taken the time to consider your intention about wealth? Do you have a wealth intention statement, something that guides your decisions? Do you think thoughts of wealth?  The truth is we only achieve the level of wealth that we intend and believe is possible for us.

Emotion.  Try creating wealth without aligning your emotions with your intention!  It doesn’t work.   How we feel abou tmoney and wealth influences every decision we make.   Our analytical brain makes our long term decisions, but it is our emotional brain that makes our day to day choices.   When we make a choice not in concert with our long term best interest, we rationalize that choice to justify it. 

Design.  When things are not as we would like in our prosperity or wealth, the answer is in design.   What structural changes are needed?  This is why an individualized personal planning process is so effective in creating new wealth dynamics.  It allows us to step back, reflect on what is important and make conscious, clear choices which create a plan or design just for us.

Action.Thought, emotion and design go nowhere without action.  We must be in motion to make things happen.  We can’t think wealth and have it happen miraculously.  We can’t feel our way to wealth.  We can’t create the best plan and spontaneously become wealthy.   It takes thinking, feeling, design and action to create the wealth we want and deserve.

After reading this article you can continue to do what you have always done.  You might eventually achieve your goals.  However my experience is that without aligning thought, emotion, design and action you get to work harder, work longer, sacrifice more, and achieve less than if you bring all of yourself into alignment with your personal goals and intention.

Life is yours to create as you choose.  Make a choice for yourself today!