Few things upset me more than self-help mon­ey books, man­u­als and cours­es that pro­claim, fol­low us, the one right way.

Each of us is an indi­vid­ual.  We don’t look alike, act alike, have the same opin­ions, needs, desires or goals.  This is an easy truth to see, just walk down any major down­town street at lunch time and peo­ple watch.   We come in all shapes and sizes; we have dif­fer­ent gates; we wear dif­fer­ent clothes and we express our­selves unique­ly.

So why is it we expect that when we take the com­plex world of mon­ey, mar­ry it with our unique and very per­son­al opin­ions, needs, desires and goals and pos­si­bly expect that there is One Right Way!

Accu­mu­lat­ing wealth and liv­ing a pros­per­ous life involves engag­ing four areas of our life, thought, emo­tion, design and action.  Let’s look at each.

Thought.  To be wealth and pros­per­ous we must first intend it.  Sounds sim­ple, but how often have you real­ly tak­en the time to con­sid­er your inten­tion about wealth? Do you have a wealth inten­tion state­ment, some­thing that guides your deci­sions? Do you think thoughts of wealth?  The truth is we only achieve the lev­el of wealth that we intend and believe is pos­si­ble for us.

Emo­tion.  Try cre­at­ing wealth with­out align­ing your emo­tions with your inten­tion!  It doesn’t work.   How we feel abou tmoney and wealth influ­ences every deci­sion we make.   Our ana­lyt­i­cal brain makes our long term deci­sions, but it is our emo­tion­al brain that makes our day to day choic­es.   When we make a choice not in con­cert with our long term best inter­est, we ratio­nal­ize that choice to jus­ti­fy it. 

Design.  When things are not as we would like in our pros­per­i­ty or wealth, the answer is in design.   What struc­tur­al changes are need­ed?  This is why an indi­vid­u­al­ized per­son­al plan­ning process is so effec­tive in cre­at­ing new wealth dynam­ics.  It allows us to step back, reflect on what is impor­tant and make con­scious, clear choic­es which cre­ate a plan or design just for us.

Action.Thought, emo­tion and design go nowhere with­out action.  We must be in motion to make things hap­pen.  We can’t think wealth and have it hap­pen mirac­u­lous­ly.  We can’t feel our way to wealth.  We can’t cre­ate the best plan and spon­ta­neous­ly become wealthy.   It takes think­ing, feel­ing, design and action to cre­ate the wealth we want and deserve.

After read­ing this arti­cle you can con­tin­ue to do what you have always done.  You might even­tu­al­ly achieve your goals.  How­ev­er my expe­ri­ence is that with­out align­ing thought, emo­tion, design and action you get to work hard­er, work longer, sac­ri­fice more, and achieve less than if you bring all of your­self into align­ment with your per­son­al goals and inten­tion.

Life is yours to cre­ate as you choose.  Make a choice for your­self today!