The most important F word in Financial Planning
When I say financial planning, what pops into your head?
Or maybe even
How do I not get ripped off?

What about Fun?

Can financial planning be fun? Should it be fun?

Is your life fun? Do you want your life to be fun?

Life is not always a bowl of cherries. But of course, you want to pack in as much Fun, Joy and Happiness into your life as possible!

Financial planning is about money, finances, taxes, investing and all those financial details. But that is only the foundation. The foundation is important, but only for what it supports you in doing. Financial planning is mostly about your life. Or it should be. Of course it should be fun, joyous and make your happy.

Which begs the question, how do I find a financial planner that brings fun, joy and happiness into the process?

Look for a planner who gamifies their process.

I recently did a podcast for my peers, exploring the why’s and how to’s of what a gamified financial planning process looks like. Listening might help you discover if a gamified process is for you, and how you might craft a set of questions to understand a planner’s process.
Enjoy the pod. Let me know if it helps you on your journey. Reach me at

Keep prospering,

Mackey McNeill, Founder
MACKEY™ and The Prosperity People™