Fric­tion is any­thing that makes it hard­er for some­one to buy from you. As you recov­er rev­enue, how can you reduce fric­tion in your sales, mar­ket­ing and pro­duc­tion processes?

Think Ama­zon one click. Find what you want, one click and it arrives at your door. How can you embrace tech­nol­o­gy to make it eas­i­er than ever for clients and cus­tomers to buy what they need, from you?

Exam­ples of sim­ple new tech­nol­o­gy tools that reduce fric­tion are pro­pos­al soft­ware that gives instant and con­sis­tent feed­back, cal­en­dar soft­ware mak­ing appoint­ments eas­i­er to set up, auto billing soft­ware, con­tent shar­ing and man­age­ment tools, sales engage­ment, and of course, com­mu­ni­ca­tion and con­fer­enc­ing software.

Begin look­ing for places to reduce fric­tion by map­ping your process from mar­ket­ing to sales, to pro­duc­tion. Deter­mine the cur­rent cost and time in each buck­et. What is your 80/20 here? What 20% of your mar­ket­ing, sales and pro­duc­tion process is drag­ging 80% of your cost and increas­ing time and fric­tion? Begin here as these are your most sig­nif­i­cant drags on prof­its. Gath­er a cross func­tion­al team and begin to deploy new ideas and tech­nol­o­gy. Keep ask­ing, what makes it eas­i­er and faster for clients and cus­tomers to work with us?

Right now, change is eas­i­er. With social dis­tanc­ing and busi­ness clo­sures, everyone’s life has been impact­ed in some way. Change is no longer slow, it is fast, and con­stant. Your clients and cus­tomers are expect­ing change. And they are more will­ing to for­give you if things don’t go well the first time out of the box with a new change.

For retail­ers, most bars, restau­rants and enter­tain­ment venues, the jour­ney from a customer’s home to your loca­tion is fric­tion. If this is you, health and safe­ty may be your biggest chal­lenge in reduc­ing fric­tion. Over com­mu­ni­cate and make your safe­ty process front and cen­ter to the client experience.
Spend a few min­utes right now to cap­ture your first thoughts on areas of fric­tion in your process. Who are the best team mem­bers to gath­er for your cross func­tion­al team? Make notes now while things are on your mind. Set a time line for get­ting started.

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