images-2We live in a world with thou­sands of good caus­es to sup­port every day.  Whether it be a local char­i­ty, a friend down on their luck, or that adorable pup­py that can’t find a home, there always has been and always will be a need for sup­port.  Thank­ful­ly many of us are more than hap­py to give back and that can make a huge dif­fer­ence in the world.  The strug­gle forms when it begins to place a drain on our ener­gy and finan­cial resources.

At Mack­ey Advi­sors we have had a num­ber of con­ver­sa­tions with clients over the last few months about this bal­ance.  One client stat­ed “I am not try­ing to be self­ish, but if I am not tak­en care of in the way I need, then how can I tru­ly take care of some­thing else.”  We thought these were ter­rif­ic words to live by.

How can we tru­ly be of the best mind­set to vol­un­teer for an orga­ni­za­tion if there are major voids in oth­er areas of our lives that need ful­fill­ment?  When we stop to think about it, it makes sense, how­ev­er plen­ty of peo­ple are stretched thin by their com­mit­ment to oth­ers and may not real­ize they are not their best selves.  They them­selves need to be tak­en care of too.

In our process the folks we work with define their own def­i­n­i­tion of enough­ness.  With­out enough, pros­per­i­ty is elu­sive and the true abil­i­ty to give back, lack­ing.  Once enough­ness is defined we can live a life that achieves it.  That may mean the real­iza­tion that you have voids in your life that need to be filled first and fore­most.  It’s not about being self­ish and there is noth­ing wrong about putting your­self and your fam­i­ly first.

When we can real­ize this and be com­fort­able with it, we can have enough and be in the best place pos­si­ble to give back.  That may mean it’s not your time to help out that friend or invest all those hours with a non­prof­it.  That time will come when your needs have been met.   For now, it may mean work­ing on and for your­self and there is noth­ing self­ish about that if it gets you to a lev­el of con­tent­ment where you are free to give back and con­tribute in the best way possible.