images-2We live in a world with thousands of good causes to support every day.  Whether it be a local charity, a friend down on their luck, or that adorable puppy that can’t find a home, there always has been and always will be a need for support.  Thankfully many of us are more than happy to give back and that can make a huge difference in the world.  The struggle forms when it begins to place a drain on our energy and financial resources.

At Mackey Advisors we have had a number of conversations with clients over the last few months about this balance.  One client stated “I am not trying to be selfish, but if I am not taken care of in the way I need, then how can I truly take care of something else.”  We thought these were terrific words to live by.

How can we truly be of the best mindset to volunteer for an organization if there are major voids in other areas of our lives that need fulfillment?  When we stop to think about it, it makes sense, however plenty of people are stretched thin by their commitment to others and may not realize they are not their best selves.  They themselves need to be taken care of too.

In our process the folks we work with define their own definition of enoughness.  Without enough, prosperity is elusive and the true ability to give back, lacking.  Once enoughness is defined we can live a life that achieves it.  That may mean the realization that you have voids in your life that need to be filled first and foremost.  It’s not about being selfish and there is nothing wrong about putting yourself and your family first.

When we can realize this and be comfortable with it, we can have enough and be in the best place possible to give back.  That may mean it’s not your time to help out that friend or invest all those hours with a nonprofit.  That time will come when your needs have been met.   For now, it may mean working on and for yourself and there is nothing selfish about that if it gets you to a level of contentment where you are free to give back and contribute in the best way possible.