Over the years, I’ve worked with thousands of business owners and they’ve taught me a lot. In fact, almost everything I’ve created in our prosper process was something I learned by either seeing other people do it or trying it out then letting me try it out and experiment with them. Usually, they knew I was experimenting but we just was, you know, it the whole process of creating something new was just trying out new things but it was always magic that when some I was up against something and when I couldn’t seem like make something happen, like faster for clients inevitably, when I was focused on that issue the solution would arise.

And that happened one day when I met Ellen I was really focusing on how to make things happen faster in a, in any company. In other words, we’re creating change, we’re putting in new data systems, we’re building better toolboxes. Everything was working but it was kind of slow getting the wheels to turn a little bit faster is what I was looking for and what I’ve noticed is that Ellen’s culture was pretty cool that everybody there was already engaged. So many business owners hide their financials and keep them just to themselves but Ellen always opened her books and she shared everything with her team.

As I spent time with Ellen and her team, what I discovered is that they have a circle. They had a circle, everybody knew what they were doing, everybody knew what their goals were. All the financials were shared and they created this strong bond and the really cool part the part that I really didn’t even know I was looking for is that Ellen had time freedom. She could walk away from that business anytime, any day and it would run without her. I think that’s everybody’s goal that goes into business especially after the first few years where you’ve been a slave to it. Ellen taught me a super powerful lesson and I hope that you can take that lesson and put it to use in your own business.

Stop being a fulcrum and build a wheel.