Business Wise_000006194383MediumWhen you were young where you ever afraid of the dark? Or open­ing the clos­et? Or going into a dark room? I was always afraid to let my hands or legs dan­gle off the side of the bed. I would imag­ine alli­ga­tors bit­ing me or a hand com­ing up and grab­bing my ankle. I have no idea where these thoughts came from but the feel­ings they invoked where very real to me.

In the day­light, all the things I imag­ined seemed sil­ly. The sun brought in real­i­ty (the truth!) and all my fears sub­dued.. until the next night­fall. I nev­er told any­one about my fears but I con­quered them by cre­at­ing a new prac­tice. In my home the evening rit­u­al was a bath, PJ’s and Mama com­ing into my room to tuck me into bed. When she left the room she turned off the light and that is when my fan­tasies kicked into high gear.

Tired of liv­ing with my fear­ful fan­tasies I start­ed a prac­tice of get­ting down on my knees, pulling up the dust ruf­fle and with the lights on look­ing under my bed every night before my Moth­er came in to say good­night. After a week or two of real­i­ty, that noth­ing or no one was under my bed, I no longer need­ed to look. Real­i­ty or truth helped me con­quer my fears.

Mon­ey fan­tasies can be just as scary as the imag­i­nary crea­tures under my bed. Mon­ey can feel like a place that seems dark and easy to get lost. With so much at stake, mon­ey man­age­ment can appear over­whelm­ing, cre­ate uncer­tain­ty and con­fu­sion. Once fear sets in it can par­a­lyze you and make it impos­si­ble to expe­ri­ence pros­per­i­ty.

Bring­ing real­i­ty or truth to your mon­ey life is the way out of fear. Mon­ey truths guide you to The Inter­sec­tion of Joy and Mon­eyEven if you don’t like what you find in your hid­den mon­ey clos­et, the truth is always less scary than the fears that have tak­en over.

There are five mon­ey truths, along with how you “look under the dust ruf­fle” of each one to dis­cov­er real­i­ty and con­quer your fears.


Truth One: You Are Responsible for Your Money Life.

The idea of being respon­si­ble for some­thing can kick up feel­ings of hav­ing a weight on your back. But when you real­ly look deep­er at respon­si­bil­i­ty you dis­cov­er it is a form of trust­wor­thi­ness. To be at The Inter­sec­tion of Joy and Mon­ey requires trust. It is essen­tial that you trust your­self as a foun­da­tion to pros­per­i­ty.

Some­times what you have made up about mon­ey is that some­one else will take respon­si­bil­i­ty and you don’t have to. You have placed your trust in oth­ers. If this describes you the first place to look is inside. What belief resides in you that stops you from believ­ing you can be self-respon­si­ble?


Truth Two: Your Consciousness is Required for Money Health.

Hand in hand with respon­si­bil­i­ty comes con­scious­ness. You are uncon­scious when you have thoughts of feel­ings you are not aware of, you are act­ing with­out clear inten­tion, or you sim­ply lack aware­ness of any of the aspects of your mon­ey life.

Accord­ing to Bruce Davis, PhD we have 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. In any moment, many of our thoughts are “back­ground noise,” mean­ing you aren’t ful­ly aware of them. The can also reside in your sub­con­scious form­ing a kind of belief struc­ture that either sup­ports or sab­o­tages your path to pros­per­i­ty. In my book, The Inter­sec­tion of Joy and Mon­ey, I offer many tools for becom­ing aware of your per­son­al back­ground noise.


Truth Three: Each Piece of Your Money Life Gives You the Whole.

There are many fif­teen facets to your mon­ey life. The teach­ing of Truth Three is that you must be respon­si­ble and con­scious in each.

Pay­ing atten­tion to all aspects of your mon­ey life is need­ed. Focus­ing on just one area, no mat­ter what it is, will not get you to The Inter­sec­tion of Joy and Mon­ey. You have to con­sid­er each piece.

At Mack­ey Advi­sors we’ve devel­oped a tool, our Pros­per­i­ty Expe­ri­ence Index™, which allows you to self-assess each piece of your mon­ey life. This tool eval­u­ates your eco­nom­ic strengths and weak­ness­es while assist­ing you in rais­ing your finan­cial con­fi­dence lev­el. Use this tool at least once a year to see where you are and deter­mine what needs your atten­tion.


Truth Four: Choice is the Ultimate Power.

As humans we hold the ulti­mate pow­er, choice. It is the pow­er of cre­ation. By accept­ing this pow­er, you are acknowl­edg­ing your cre­ative gift. This is a uni­ver­sal truth. It oper­ates in all of your life, includ­ing your mon­ey life.

While I can­not con­trol cir­cum­stances or peo­ple out­side myself, I always have the per­son­al pow­er to choose my response.

When I affirm that the Uni­verse is always con­spir­ing for my high­est good, no mat­ter what it looks like at the moment, I am con­tent and peace­ful.

Choice. So sim­ple. So pow­er­ful and so avail­able in every moment. Cel­e­brate choice. Rel­ish in your own cre­ative pow­er.


Truth Five: Money is Energy and Has Value Because We All Agree That it Does.

From The Inter­sec­tion of Joy and Mon­ey:

Con­sid­er your beliefs regard­ing mon­ey and pow­er. Have you ever felt more in com­mand of your life because you had a lot of mon­ey? Have you ever felt out of con­trol when you lacked mon­ey? Have you ever been intim­i­dat­ed by some­one you thought had sig­nif­i­cant wealth? Have you ever made your­self feel small or unim­por­tant or grand and pow­er­ful based on your pay­check?

Mon­ey is how we get our needs met every day. It is only nat­ur­al that it feels like a pow­er­ful force in our life. It is. With­out it, the neces­si­ties of life, food, shel­ter and cloth­ing are at risk. To be at The Inter­sec­tion of Joy and Mon­ey requires that you feel con­fi­dent in the flow of mon­ey in your life.

If you find your­self lack­ing con­fi­dence in your abil­i­ties in the are­na of mon­ey and wealth, make a com­mit­ment right now to secure resources to build your con­fi­dence. Pos­si­bil­i­ties range from self-help books to hir­ing an advi­sor to work with you to devel­op a pros­per­i­ty plan tai­lored to your spe­cif­ic cir­cum­stances. Look with­in and use your intu­ition to deter­mine what you need. Then begin your search and don’t look back until you find your con­fi­dence.

Cel­e­brate the five mon­ey truths. Live at The Inter­sec­tion of Joy and Mon­ey. Pros­per and thrive. Need help? We’d love to be of ser­vice.

In joy,