Business Wise_000006194383MediumWhen you were young where you ever afraid of the dark? Or opening the closet? Or going into a dark room? I was always afraid to let my hands or legs dangle off the side of the bed. I would imagine alligators biting me or a hand coming up and grabbing my ankle. I have no idea where these thoughts came from but the feelings they invoked where very real to me.

In the daylight, all the things I imagined seemed silly. The sun brought in reality (the truth!) and all my fears subdued.. until the next nightfall. I never told anyone about my fears but I conquered them by creating a new practice. In my home the evening ritual was a bath, PJ’s and Mama coming into my room to tuck me into bed. When she left the room she turned off the light and that is when my fantasies kicked into high gear.

Tired of living with my fearful fantasies I started a practice of getting down on my knees, pulling up the dust ruffle and with the lights on looking under my bed every night before my Mother came in to say goodnight. After a week or two of reality, that nothing or no one was under my bed, I no longer needed to look. Reality or truth helped me conquer my fears.

Money fantasies can be just as scary as the imaginary creatures under my bed. Money can feel like a place that seems dark and easy to get lost. With so much at stake, money management can appear overwhelming, create uncertainty and confusion. Once fear sets in it can paralyze you and make it impossible to experience prosperity.

Bringing reality or truth to your money life is the way out of fear. Money truths guide you to The Intersection of Joy and MoneyEven if you don’t like what you find in your hidden money closet, the truth is always less scary than the fears that have taken over.

There are five money truths, along with how you “look under the dust ruffle” of each one to discover reality and conquer your fears.


Truth One: You Are Responsible for Your Money Life.

The idea of being responsible for something can kick up feelings of having a weight on your back. But when you really look deeper at responsibility you discover it is a form of trustworthiness. To be at The Intersection of Joy and Money requires trust. It is essential that you trust yourself as a foundation to prosperity.

Sometimes what you have made up about money is that someone else will take responsibility and you don’t have to. You have placed your trust in others. If this describes you the first place to look is inside. What belief resides in you that stops you from believing you can be self-responsible?


Truth Two: Your Consciousness is Required for Money Health.

Hand in hand with responsibility comes consciousness. You are unconscious when you have thoughts of feelings you are not aware of, you are acting without clear intention, or you simply lack awareness of any of the aspects of your money life.

According to Bruce Davis, PhD we have 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. In any moment, many of our thoughts are “background noise,” meaning you aren’t fully aware of them. The can also reside in your subconscious forming a kind of belief structure that either supports or sabotages your path to prosperity. In my book, The Intersection of Joy and Money, I offer many tools for becoming aware of your personal background noise.


Truth Three: Each Piece of Your Money Life Gives You the Whole.

There are many fifteen facets to your money life. The teaching of Truth Three is that you must be responsible and conscious in each.

Paying attention to all aspects of your money life is needed. Focusing on just one area, no matter what it is, will not get you to The Intersection of Joy and Money. You have to consider each piece.

At Mackey Advisors we’ve developed a tool, our Prosperity Experience Index™, which allows you to self-assess each piece of your money life. This tool evaluates your economic strengths and weaknesses while assisting you in raising your financial confidence level. Use this tool at least once a year to see where you are and determine what needs your attention.


Truth Four: Choice is the Ultimate Power.

As humans we hold the ultimate power, choice. It is the power of creation. By accepting this power, you are acknowledging your creative gift. This is a universal truth. It operates in all of your life, including your money life.

While I cannot control circumstances or people outside myself, I always have the personal power to choose my response.

When I affirm that the Universe is always conspiring for my highest good, no matter what it looks like at the moment, I am content and peaceful.

Choice. So simple. So powerful and so available in every moment. Celebrate choice. Relish in your own creative power.


Truth Five: Money is Energy and Has Value Because We All Agree That it Does.

From The Intersection of Joy and Money:

Consider your beliefs regarding money and power. Have you ever felt more in command of your life because you had a lot of money? Have you ever felt out of control when you lacked money? Have you ever been intimidated by someone you thought had significant wealth? Have you ever made yourself feel small or unimportant or grand and powerful based on your paycheck?

Money is how we get our needs met every day. It is only natural that it feels like a powerful force in our life. It is. Without it, the necessities of life, food, shelter and clothing are at risk. To be at The Intersection of Joy and Money requires that you feel confident in the flow of money in your life.

If you find yourself lacking confidence in your abilities in the arena of money and wealth, make a commitment right now to secure resources to build your confidence. Possibilities range from self-help books to hiring an advisor to work with you to develop a prosperity plan tailored to your specific circumstances. Look within and use your intuition to determine what you need. Then begin your search and don’t look back until you find your confidence.

Celebrate the five money truths. Live at The Intersection of Joy and Money. Prosper and thrive. Need help? We’d love to be of service.

In joy,