How to Rise like the Phoenix

The Phoenix is a bird in ancient Greek folklore that rises from its own ashes. Symbolically the phoenix burns away all that it is today and is reborn a new creature.

The 2020’s were already shaping up to be the most disruptive decade in our history. Accelerating technology, increasing impacts from climate change, generational wealth transfer on a massive scale, as well as a global leadership vacuum, were setting the stage for an accelerating pace of change… before the novel coronavirus came into our lives.  With COVID, it’s like we all boarded the Starship Enterprise, just as it was moving into warp speed.

Never has a time been so ripe for letting go of the old and bringing forth the new than right now. Our job as business owners is to discover our own “new.” To let go of the old, and begin again, like the Phoenix.

In three-part blog post I will focus on the areas of your business to access as you cast away the old and create the new: revenue, structures and people.

Before delving deep into change, pause for a moment and face the brutal facts. What is your cash position? Are you managing it in the best way possible?  How financially strong is your business?  How financially resilient is your revenue stream?  Forward movement without total honesty about your starting point is folly. Need help? Email me at and we will set up a 15 minute call to help you get unstuck.

Over the next few weeks, I will dig into the three areas of your business that are ripe for rebirth:

  1. recovering revenue
  2. reimagining structures
  3. rethinking people

Technology could be considered a fourth realm. But it requires your attention in each of the areas above. In other words, everywhere you touch, look or think about, new technology will impact. The future requires that technology not be thought of as a separate segment of your business, but as an integral part of each segment, work flow and task.

My intention with this post is to help you think new thoughts, see things differently and meet the challenges of the 2020 with hope, possibility and promise.  Watch for more to come.