How to Rise like the Phoenix

The Phoenix is a bird in ancient Greek folk­lore that ris­es from its own ash­es. Sym­bol­i­cal­ly the phoenix burns away all that it is today and is reborn a new creature.

The 2020’s were already shap­ing up to be the most dis­rup­tive decade in our his­to­ry. Accel­er­at­ing tech­nol­o­gy, increas­ing impacts from cli­mate change, gen­er­a­tional wealth trans­fer on a mas­sive scale, as well as a glob­al lead­er­ship vac­u­um, were set­ting the stage for an accel­er­at­ing pace of change… before the nov­el coro­n­avirus came into our lives.  With COVID, it’s like we all board­ed the Star­ship Enter­prise, just as it was mov­ing into warp speed.

Nev­er has a time been so ripe for let­ting go of the old and bring­ing forth the new than right now. Our job as busi­ness own­ers is to dis­cov­er our own “new.” To let go of the old, and begin again, like the Phoenix.

In three-part blog post I will focus on the areas of your busi­ness to access as you cast away the old and cre­ate the new: rev­enue, struc­tures and people.

Before delv­ing deep into change, pause for a moment and face the bru­tal facts. What is your cash posi­tion? Are you man­ag­ing it in the best way pos­si­ble?  How finan­cial­ly strong is your busi­ness?  How finan­cial­ly resilient is your rev­enue stream?  For­ward move­ment with­out total hon­esty about your start­ing point is fol­ly. Need help? Email me at and we will set up a 15 minute call to help you get unstuck.

Over the next few weeks, I will dig into the three areas of your busi­ness that are ripe for rebirth:

  1. recov­er­ing revenue
  2. reimag­in­ing structures
  3. rethink­ing people

Tech­nol­o­gy could be con­sid­ered a fourth realm. But it requires your atten­tion in each of the areas above. In oth­er words, every­where you touch, look or think about, new tech­nol­o­gy will impact. The future requires that tech­nol­o­gy not be thought of as a sep­a­rate seg­ment of your busi­ness, but as an inte­gral part of each seg­ment, work flow and task.

My inten­tion with this post is to help you think new thoughts, see things dif­fer­ent­ly and meet the chal­lenges of the 2020 with hope, pos­si­bil­i­ty and promise.  Watch for more to come.