The Few, The Proud, The Wealth Advocates

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I was speaking with a prospective client recently and he said something I hear all too often,” I have had 3 previous advisors, and none of them took care of me, they all took care of themselves.” I find this painful, and yet my pain from having colleagues who are ill-trained to do their work, is [...]

To Pop… Part 2

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How is Mackey Advisors like popcorn? These metaphors always sound a little silly to me at first, but when you struggle to find a connection you begin to look at people, the company and the product in a new light.  In this case I began to think about how popcorn is made, how it starts out [...]

To Pop.… Part 1

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Our theme for this year is “To Pop.”  Mackey Advisors kicks off with a theme for several reasons: to have fun, to learn from each other, to focus our attention on what is important and to build team spirit. To bring our theme to life, each team member has to develop a unique answer to the [...]

The Journey to a New Building

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Over a year ago, we began looking for a new home for Mackey Advisors.  If I had known how difficult this journey would be, I would have likely said,“I think I will pass.”  The road to our new space has been filled with potholes, detours, missing map pieces and lots of orange barrels! We have two [...]

The Stages of Stonehenge

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I am a ‘make it happen’ kind of person.  I sometimes leave patience and step-by-step planning behind in the process of just getting it done. A year ago today, at a Mackey Advisors staff retreat, I cut a picture out of a National Geographic magazine showing the three stages of Stonehenge.  (If you aren’t familiar with [...]