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Living Walls: The Urban Garden Answer

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As most of you know, we are in the process of trying to renovate a historic building on Fairfield Avenue in Bellevue, KY. Recently a $35,000 urban revitalization grant came up for grabs. We felt that our project met the qualifications, and submitted an application. We ultimately did not get the grant, but I learned some [...]

5 Tips for Staying Peaceful in a World Full of Fear

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I have been investing for 38 years. While many cycles have been less fun than others, the markets of recent memory rank as my least favorite. Information travels at the speed of light and public markets respond to news just that quickly. What the market sees as positive one day can send the market into a [...]

Go Green:

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This month’s Go Green is dedicated to the green business!  Traditionally good for mankind initiatives have not taken off until they become monetarily advantageous for businesses.  Well, guess what!? It’s happening. Almost every business touts their green prowess now whether it be turning the lights off when they leave the office or building a LEED certified [...]

The World Belongs to the Young

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In their February 7th issue, Bloomberg Businessweek ran an extensive article on youth unemployment, detailing its impact and problems and how it is driving political change throughout the world. As I read the article, what occurred to me is that the paradigm created by our modern world is one that takes from the young and [...]

Gracie’s Favorite Green Goings–On

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While working on the branding and marketing of our unique financial planning system, The Prosperity Experience, I came across a document that was created awhile back that had a brief explanation of the four phases of The Prosperity Experience.   Engage: capture where you are today, and where you want to be tomorrow Empower: map your [...]

Go Green & Clean

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Did you know that pollution exposure is most often greater inside the home than outside your doorstep?  In fact the US EPA estimates that the average American home has a 100x’s higher pollution level than that of the great outdoors.  There are many, many things that keep our indoor situation icky, but here are 5 quick [...]

Don't be a Carbon BIGfoot!

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The US has the 9th largest carbon footprint in the world!  Thank goodness we aren’t number one, but still we are walking in some mighty large shoes and I think we can all agree that clown feet are simply not attractive.  So, what can we do to help the US slip into something a little slimmer?  [...]

Go Green by Eating Green…and Local!

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Did you know that the food sitting on your table travels an average of 1,500 miles just to be consumed by you!  Granted this is how we enjoy strawberries in December, but what a toll that package of sweet, juicy deliciousness has on Momma Earth.  Just one half gallon of Tropicana orange juice adds 3.75lbs of [...]

10 Tips for Cooling your Home Naturally

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Summer is just around the corner which means that most of us will seal up our homes and crank the AC.  Not this year! Below are 10 ideas on how to keep your home cool and comfortable without flipping that AC switch on. But first, some not so fun facts about air conditioners: Air conditioners can [...]

Oil Spill: Join Me in Being Outraged

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Join me in being outraged As oil continues to pour into the Gulf of Mexico we are killing an entire ecosystem.  Since April 20th the day of the explosion, I have avoided looking at the photographs.  This has been my way of insulating myself from the horrors we as human beings are perpetrating on the plant [...]