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Sweeping Declarations have No Place in Your Business

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On the show How I Met Your Mother, there was a running gag about one character, Marshall Eriksen, making “sweeping declarations”. He would do something ill-advised and afterword was adamant he’d never do it again. Of course, he did it again. It wouldn’t be funny if he actually changed his behavior. In our work with business owners [...]

3 Tips for Creating A Successful Strategic Plan or Map

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Imagine you’re somewhere in South America.  It’s swampy, the ground soggy and sloppy, your footing unsure.  The air is thick with moisture, and the heat hangs as heavily on you as a water-soaked comforter.  You’re alone, with just your senses and a few navigational tools.    What’s your next move?  Will you take some time to [...]

Asset Protection for Women – Part 2

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Why is asset protection planning important for women?  Women, now more than ever, need to consider asset protection planning because: Women live longer than men and will likely need their money to last longer At some point in their lives, women may have to manage their own finances due to divorce, widowhood, or remaining single Many [...]