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Don’t Shoot the Messenger, Two Tales of Financial Sorrow

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“When you argue with reality, you lose, but only 100% of the time.” – Byron Katie Optimism and financial data are both double edge swords.  Too much of either is a slippery slope. Excessive focus on optimistic predictions can lead to poor decisions and, as a result, financial challenge.  Excessive analysis of financial data can lead [...]

3 Tips for Creating A Successful Strategic Plan or Map

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Imagine you’re somewhere in South America.  It’s swampy, the ground soggy and sloppy, your footing unsure.  The air is thick with moisture, and the heat hangs as heavily on you as a water-soaked comforter.  You’re alone, with just your senses and a few navigational tools.    What’s your next move?  Will you take some time to [...]

Strategic Decision Making

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Throughout New Year’s Day, I began to emerge out of “holiday time” and into “business focus time.”  As the possibilities of the new year began to take shape in my mind, I found myself both excited and overwhelmed.   In my entrepreneurial world, there are always so many options and possibilities.  The really good news is that [...]