Social Security and Medicare Trustees Reports: Financial Challenges Continue

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Every year, the Trustees of the Social Security  and Medicare Trust Funds release reports to Congress on the current financial condition and projected financial outlook of these programs. The newest reports, released on July 13, 2017, [...]

Myth Busting: Social Security

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Myth:  Social Security will provide most of the income you need in retirement. Fact:  It’s likely that Social Security will provide a smaller portion of retirement income than you expect.  There’s no doubt about it – [...]

The World Belongs to the Young

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In their February 7th issue, Bloomberg Businessweek ran an extensive article on youth unemployment, detailing its impact and problems and how it is driving political change throughout the world. As I read the article, what [...]

Social Security: Dialougue or Debate?

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We hear a great deal of talk these days about the state of Social Security, Medicare, health insurance, and countless other areas which the government has influence over.  For some, this dialogue causes great unease and [...]

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