College Planning – 7 Steps to Keep Your Money & Your Sanity

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One of the most financially savvy gifts a parent or guardian can give their child is to send them to college. Even with student debt, the difference in a college graduate’s lifetime earnings vs that of [...]

The myRA Retirement Accounts are Now a Reality

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Way back in February 2014, I penned a blog about a new option for workers whose employers did not have a workplace savings plan. It was dubbed the myRA and was designed as a starter savings account. [...]

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Revised One-Rollover-Per-Year Limit Applies in 2015

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Background The Internal Revenue Code says that if you receive a distribution from an IRA, you can't make a tax-free (60-day) rollover into another IRA if you've already completed a tax-free rollover within the previous one-year [...]

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Sustainable Withdrawal Rates – Part 2

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As mentioned in part I: Sustainable Withdrawal Rates, estimating the correct amount to withdraw from your retirement savings is critical in ensuring you make your investments last for your entire life as well as your spouses. [...]

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