The Mackey Money Minute – The 3 R’s to Recovery Introduction

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The 2020’s were already shaping up to be the most disruptive decade in our history. Accelerating technology, increasing impacts from climate change, generational wealth transfer on a massive scale, as well as a global leadership vacuum, were setting the stage for an accelerating pace of change… before the novel coronavirus came into our lives.  With COVID, it’s like we all boarded the Starship Enterprise, just as it was moving into warp speed.

Mackey Advisors Economic Update

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Overall, the U.S. Economy continues to improve but appears to have hit a soft patch.  Some leading indicators were fractionally positive, many stayed more or less the same and a few turned slightly negative.  Additionally, the [...]

Take Charge of Your Business in any Environment

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As business owners, way too much energy is spent fighting economic cycles.   Cycles cannot be controlled any more than the seasons.  Time and energy is better spent, understanding and learning to work with economic cycles.  Think [...]

Reasons for Guarded Optimism (And Why Market Timing Seldom Works)

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The stock market caught everybody off-guard on Friday August 3rd; the S&P 500 index climbed 1.90% on news that the U.S. economy created 163,000 new jobs in July--about 60% more than economists were expecting.  Or maybe [...]

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