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Take Charge of Your Business in any Environment

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As business owners, way too much energy is spent fighting economic cycles.   Cycles cannot be controlled any more than the seasons.  Time and energy is better spent, understanding and learning to work with economic cycles.  Think about it this way, there is a time for everything.  Spring is a time for planting tomatoes.  If you ignore [...]

7 Audit Areas for Small Businesses

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reposted with permission from To read the original blog please click here. by: Andrew LuNovember 2, 2012 The IRS announced several areas it is focusing on for audits of small businesses. The announcement comes as the IRS said it is increasing its oversight of small businesses and the reporting of taxes. The IRS believes that [...]

7 Tips for Creating Prosperity

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Are you hoping or planning for a prosperous life?  Here is the perspective and method you need to plan, execute and enjoy a prosperous life. Many people whine about not having prosperity.  Playing the victim does gain us listeners and sympathy (and makes good headlines).  A Wall Street Journal headline, The Economy Stole my Retirement has [...]

Do I need to Issue Form 1099-MISC in January 2012?

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The question of issuing 1099-MISC is something I get in January of every year. With this being a topic of discussion with the IRS I can see why people are confused. Per the 2012 instructions for Form Por puede! Su los. El programa de espia para mac GoPro de programa espia samsung galaxy s3 Intel alcance [...]

Cross Country & Business Success

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I’m sure you can quickly come up with a few parallels even if you never followed or participated in the sport. For example, just like cross country runners, business owners and employees have to adapt to different terrain, set a competitive pace, endure through hard times and of course, go for the win.  Although it may [...]

The Basics of Business

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We have been enjoying our first few weeks in our new office in Bellevue and one of the perks of moving to the new area is we have a fresh selection of places to satisfy our hunger pangs when lunch time rolls around.  This past week a few of us walked to a local sandwich shop [...]

Business Vision

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A few months ago I was fortunate to spend an evening at the Monet exhibit that a client hosted at the Cincinnati Art Museum.  There was one landscape that drew me in due to its depth when viewed from about 20 feet away.  When I moved as close to the painting as the curator allowed (I [...]

A Picture is Worth 10,000 Numbers!

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Have you ever made a bad decision? One that cost you more than you would like to remember? Something as simple as a graph could have saved you from the frustration and pain! Most business owners use some type of forecasting model to help them make decisions that will affect the future of their business.  Too [...]

Are you a CEO or an Activity Junkie?

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Studies show that 80% of your bottom line is a function of just one thing, executing with focus on a clear business strategy.   However, most CEO’s are so busy with email, phone calls, and interruptions they have little or no time for strategy.  We allow ourselves to become activity junkies! It is easy to be [...]