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Make Market Volatility an Opportunity

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Up until this summer, markets (especially the United States) had been on a steady increase for over 3 years. It was a great time to be an investor and the continued climb brought optimism, eased the fears of the Great Recession and encouraged new investment.   Now with markets in an official correction, the fear is [...]

Overcoming Fear of “The Market”

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You may or may not consider yourself a savvy investor.  But you do consider yourself a “safe” investor.  You have money stashed away for a rainy day, your kid’s education and your own retirement.  And you don’t take “risks”.  You want to know that money will be there 5, 10, 20 years from now.  So you [...]

News from the AICPA PFP Conference, for the clients and friends of Mackey Advisors™

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You may be thinking, Okay Mackey, so you went to a conference, big deal.  Well, this conference is a BIG deal. It is the best technical financial planning conference of the year.  Topics covered include: investment updates, market trends, tax updates, the latest in insurance and estate planning, and best practices for improving your business. At [...]

What Does This Roller Coaster of a Market Mean?

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In 1973, I was honored with the Miss Walton County title.  As part of this honor, I competed in the Miss Georgia Pageant.  You may think a pageant consists merely of a single evening, but there was actually a week of competition and publicity included.  As part of the publicity portion of the pageant, we were [...]