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Beyond Life Insurance — The Safety Net You & Your Family May Need

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Insurance is used to minimize the financial impacts of unpleasant events that can occur in a family’s life, so it’s no surprise that some folks become guarded and nervous when it comes time to talk about it. The combination of an unpleasant topic and an industry that is dominated by commissioned salespersons can rightfully be unnerving. [...]

Life Insurance Riders that Pay for Long-Term care

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Life insurance has many uses, including income replacement, business continuation, and estate preservation. Long-term care insurance provides financial protection against the potentially high cost of long-term care. If you find yourself in need of both types of insurance, a life insurance policy that combines a death benefit with a long-term care benefit may appeal to you. [...]

6 Questions about Long-Term Care

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1. What is long-term care? Long-term care refers to the ongoing services and support needed by people who have chronic health conditions or disabilities. There are three levels of long-term care: Skilled care: Generally round-the-clock care that's given by professional health care providers such as nurses, therapists, or aides under a doctor's supervision. Intermediate care: Also [...]

How to Buy Long-Term Care Insurance

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reposted from Kiplinger.comby: Kimberly LankfordFrom Kiplinger's Personal Finance, November 2014   Mackey McNeill, a CPA and personal financial specialist in Bellevue, Ky., talks with clients in their fifties and early sixties about protecting their retirement savings from potential long-term-care expenses—which currently average more than $85,000 a year for a private room in a nursing home. But when McNeill turned 58 [...]

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