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Greece, China, Interest Rates! What is an Investor to do?

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Let’s take a few minutes this month to talk about portfolios and asset allocation. I bet you just thought to yourselves “Wow, what an exciting topic!” Maybe not, but with all the news dominating markets this summer, I think it’s a good opportunity to remind ourselves of some very wise investment rules and strategies.   If you [...]

Understanding Greece & the European Debt Situation

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Courtesy of For the past several weeks, attention has focused on the debt crisis plaguing Greece and the contentious negotiations with its creditors. The situation in Europe is probably affecting your portfolio to some degree right now. But how can the problems of a country so small and so far away create such [...]

Get Where You Wanna Go

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Action is the force that moves us from one place to another.  Action without intention will get you somewhere.  Action paired with intention will get you where you want to be.  Would you rather get somewhere or get where you want to be? Kind of a silly question when you put it that way isn’t it? [...]

Diversification — Creating a Balanced Investment Portfolio

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One method to alleviate your fear of the market is to do your homework on “the market”. Not all assets behave in the same manner at the same time. Some go up when others go down. By building a portfolio that takes this into consideration, you spread your risk across all areas of the market. In [...]

How to Become a Savings Junkie in One Simple Step

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My mother was born a saver. It is in her DNA. To prove this let me share one of her stories:   “One of my favorite pastimes (when I was a little girl) was counting the change in my piggy bank. I always engaged in the ritual alone in my room. I would lie on my [...]

What is an Asset Allocation?

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This month we are going back to the basics with a refresher on the topic of asset allocation.  If you are not an investment advisor, it may be a term you are unfamiliar with, especially if you don’t engage with an advisor to manage your assets. You won’t hear asset allocation discussed much on CNBC and [...]

How to get your 401(k) ready for retirement: Retiring in 5 years or less? 9 investing tips

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reposted from MarketWatch.comby: Andrea CoombesDecember 19, 2012 If your retirement date is just a few years away, it’s time to start fine-tuning your 401(k) and your overall savings strategy. Retirement experts offered these nine tips for savers who are nearing retirement. 1. Stash some savings outside of retirement accounts Many savers keep all of their retirement [...]