November 1st Kicks Off Open Enrollment for Health Marketplaces

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Beginning November 1, 2015, individuals (including their families) may apply for new health insurance or switch to a different health-care plan through a Health Insurance Marketplace. The open enrollment period ends January 31, 2016. Individuals can [...]

U.S. Census Bureau Issues Report on Health Insurance Coverage in 2013

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According to the latest Census Bureau report, the estimated U.S. population for the 2013 survey was 313.4 million compared to 311.1 million in 2012, yet the total percentage of uninsured dropped from 15.4% in 2012 to [...]

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Can You Keep Your Current Insurance Plan?

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Insurance Cancellations and The President's Response Over the past several months, many people have received cancellation notices from their health insurance carriers, often accompanied by the explanation that their current insurance plan doesn't meet the minimum [...]

The U.S. Government Shutdown Explained

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Congress failed to agree on a spending bill for the fiscal year starting October 1, 2013, resulting in the first government shutdown since 1995. According to the Congressional Research Service, this is the 18th time the [...]

Health Care Reform – Insurance Exchanges

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Starting in 2014, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires the establishment of state-based American Health Benefit Exchanges for individuals and Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Exchanges for small employers. The general purpose [...]

Affordable Care Act Notification Penalty as of October 1, 2013

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Beginning October 1, 2013 any business with at least one employee and $500,000 in annual revenue must notify all employees by letter about the Affordable Care Act’s health-care exchanges, or face a fine up to $100 [...]

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White House Delays Employer Health Insurance Mandate

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The White House announced on July 2, 2013, that it would delay implementation of the Affordable Care Act's reporting requirements applicable to large and mid-sized employers and health insurers for one year. As a result, the [...]

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