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Why Climb a Ladder When You can Play on a Jungle Gym?

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I won't even lie! When I saw that Arianna Huffington was going to be a keynote speaker at Inbound 2013 I decided I had to go to Boston. It isn't very often that you get a chance to be in the presence of such an amazing, fierce and funny lady. Her words were full of wisdom [...]

Attracting & Serving Gen-X & Gen-Y Clients

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reposted from: Planner - AICPA Personal Financial Planning Division NewsletterMarch/April 2013, Volume 29, Number 2 When you ask baby boomers about Gen X and Gen Y, most will give you an exasperated monologue on the challenges of these generations. You will hear phrases such as “disrespectful of authority,” “lacking a work ethic,” and “self-centered.” The first [...]