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Insurance Needs: The Basics

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In my recent encounters working with clients on their planning, we have uncovered a number of questions about insurance.  The questions we typically hear are “How much do I need?”, “What kind of insurance should I buy?”, and “How do I know my insurance guy is selling me what I need?”  Since it seems to be [...]

The Price of Dying

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We're going to talk about death and dying in a moment, so you might want to prepare yourself with a short break that you might find entertaining.  You might even try dancing along with this video by motivational speaker Sean Stephenson: Funeral costs have risen so far and so fast lately that people who have [...]

To Aunt Hickie, with Love

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Sitting in the hospital after my aunt’s surgery for an aneurism, my cousin looked at me and said, “You were always her favorite.”  I looked up at him and said, “That’s OK, because she was always my favorite too.”  The next day our beloved Aunt Hickie made her transition. There are some passings that we never [...]