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How to Save $1000

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The first of the year brings many New Year’s resolutions, and they often involve money.  Being a better saver is a common goal.  This month to give your savings plan a boost, I have 2 simple ideas for you: The 5% challenge Change your frequency    The 5% challenge Start by going back through your spending [...]

How do you find the time?

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When I tell people of my interest and involvement in local food, cooking, herbs and gardening, their response is almost always the same: ”How do you find the time?” Since I have the same 24 hours a day that we all receive, I really have no idea. The truth is I focus on what is important [...]

Go Green by Eating Green…and Local!

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Did you know that the food sitting on your table travels an average of 1,500 miles just to be consumed by you!  Granted this is how we enjoy strawberries in December, but what a toll that package of sweet, juicy deliciousness has on Momma Earth.  Just one half gallon of Tropicana orange juice adds 3.75lbs of [...]