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The Best Gift from Gen 1 to Gen 2

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Goering Center NewsletterJanuary 15, 2015by: Mackey McNeill He is 62, the first generation. She is 40, the second generation. They are ready to make the transition from Gen 1 to Gen 2. While the challenges are many, varied and complex, the financial issues that arise in this transfer of wealth provide an underpinning of success or [...]

Claiming Social Security — Strategies for Married Couples

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Deciding when to begin receiving Social Security benefits is a major financial issue for anyone approaching retirement because the age at which you apply for benefits will affect the amount you’ll receive. If you’re married, this decision can be especially complicated because you and your spouse will need to plan together, taking into account the Social [...]

Having Kids — The “Serious” Talk

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This is a five part blog series focused on the financial aspects of having children.  Specifically, the issues one should consider prior to bringing a child into a family.  This is part one, The “Serious” Talk.  The other four blogs will be published at one week intervals.     The decision to bring a child into [...]

Financial Planning — Helping You See the Big Picture

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Do you picture yourself owning a new home, starting a business, or retiring comfortably? These are a few of the financial goals that may be important to you, and each comes with a price tag attached. That's where financial planning comes in. Financial planning is a process that can help you reach your goals by evaluating [...]

Critical Tax Updates

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We try to cover topics that are relevant and interesting to our clients, but sometimes we need to relay information that is very relevant, but not very interesting to people who don’t crunch numbers for a living.  This is one of those articles that covers the upcoming changes to the tax code that is relevant to [...]

Schedule a “Plan Date” with Your Finances

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Lets take a few minutes this month to discuss planning – or as we call it Prosperity Planning™.  When we take a step back for a minute, it is quite astonishing to think of everything we plan for.  We make plans for dinner, lists for the grocery, and schedules for kitchen duty at the office.  Kids [...]