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Mother and Daughter, Partners in Business

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reposted from: Daughters in Charge By: Amy Katz April 7, 2015 Podcast Theme: Mother and Daughter, Partners in Business Podcast Summary: A daughter learned how to work effectively with her mom and to make her own unique contributions to their family’s business. Featured Guest: Sarah Grace Mohr Key Quotes: “The first time I came back to the business, my mother [...]

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The Best Gift from Gen 1 to Gen 2

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Goering Center NewsletterJanuary 15, 2015by: Mackey McNeill He is 62, the first generation. She is 40, the second generation. They are ready to make the transition from Gen 1 to Gen 2. While the challenges are many, varied and complex, the financial issues that arise in this transfer of wealth provide an underpinning of success or [...]

Irish Twins

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I am the baby in my family. My sibling was born a little less than a year before I was, and we have been inseparable our whole lives. My name is Sarah Grace, my sibling’s name is Mackey Advisors. Our mother, Mackey McNeill, created Mackey Advisors 31 years ago. To this day the smell of a [...]