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Estate Planning Basics

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When it comes to estate planning, women have unique concerns.  The fact is women live longer than men.  That’s important for several reasons.  First, you’ll not only need your assets to last longer, but you’ll also need to plan for potential incapacities due to declining health.  Second, it means that if your husband or significant other [...]

The Price of Dying

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We're going to talk about death and dying in a moment, so you might want to prepare yourself with a short break that you might find entertaining.  You might even try dancing along with this video by motivational speaker Sean Stephenson: Funeral costs have risen so far and so fast lately that people who have [...]

Wills: The Cornerstone of your Estate Plan

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Alright, I admit I went to the archives for this one.  What can I say, its tax season and everyone is a bit busy around here.  I hope you don’t mind my knocking the dust off of this ever so important issue of estate planning. During this month of St. Patrick’s Day, I have taken a [...]