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Student Loan Delinquencies on the Rise

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In its Q4 2014 Household Debt and Credit Report, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York noted that the student loan delinquency rate is worsening. You can read the full report here. According to the report, student loan debt increased by $31 billion from Q3 2014 to Q4 2014, with outstanding student loan balances now standing [...]

Providing for a Grandchild’s Education

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As the cost of a college education continues to climb, many grandparents are stepping in to help.  This trend is expected to accelerate as baby boomers, many of whom went to college, become grandparents and start gifting what’s predicted to be trillions of dollars over the coming decades.  Helping to pay for a grandchild’s college education [...]

Consider 3 of the Safest Investments Within 529 Plans

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Savings accounts, CDs, and money markets can offer stability for parents of future college students. reposted from U.S. News & World Reportby: Reyna Gobel, September 19, 2012 For parents, one of the scariest aspects of investing in a 529 plan, a college savings account with tax benefits, is taking a risk with money used to fund [...]