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Insurance Needs: The Basics

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In my recent encounters working with clients on their planning, we have uncovered a number of questions about insurance.  The questions we typically hear are “How much do I need?”, “What kind of insurance should I buy?”, and “How do I know my insurance guy is selling me what I need?”  Since it seems to be [...]

The Price of Dying

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We're going to talk about death and dying in a moment, so you might want to prepare yourself with a short break that you might find entertaining.  You might even try dancing along with this video by motivational speaker Sean Stephenson: Funeral costs have risen so far and so fast lately that people who have [...]

Wills: The Cornerstone of your Estate Plan

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Alright, I admit I went to the archives for this one.  What can I say, its tax season and everyone is a bit busy around here.  I hope you don’t mind my knocking the dust off of this ever so important issue of estate planning. During this month of St. Patrick’s Day, I have taken a [...]