New Rules for College Campus-Sponsored Debit and Prepaid Credit Cards

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The Department of Education has issued new rules for campus-sponsored debit and prepaid credit cards that are directly linked to financial aid disbursements. While many financial institutions have partnerships with colleges to market these products as [...]

6 Ways Your School Guidance Counselor Can Help You Get Into College

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A high school’s guidance counseling department and the programs they support are critical resources for both the student and their parents in preparing for college. School counselors are highly trained professionals who typically have advanced degrees. [...]

College Planning – 7 Steps to Keep Your Money & Your Sanity

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One of the most financially savvy gifts a parent or guardian can give their child is to send them to college. Even with student debt, the difference in a college graduate’s lifetime earnings vs that of [...]

Good News for 529 Plan Savers

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Call it a holiday gift. Thanks to legislation passed in December, beginning in 2015, owners of 529 accounts will be able to change the investment options on their existing plan contributions twice per calendar year instead [...]

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