Struggling With Your Company’s Culture? The Answer’s in Your Data

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Building a healthy work culture is hard. Especially in our current climate. Businesses around the world are struggling with culture for a variety of reasons: Hybrid and remote work models create communication challenges. The Great Resignation has created significant turnover. Scaling quickly leads to rushed onboarding.

Niche Down To Up Your Income

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Niching is a risky business. We’ve heard the arguments against niching time and time again: But if I narrow my focus, won’t I miss out on potential customers? I don’t want to limit my opportunities by focusing on such a specific segment of the market.  What if I get bored? What if my niche dries up?  MACKEY’s very own Sarah Grace is ready to bust some myths about niching and get real: nowadays, niching is necessary. It’s also a tried-and-true strategy to boost your profitability.

Client Shoutout: Meet Dennis Devlin, Founder of CLARITY Research & Strategy

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Dennis Devlin’s committed his entire career to understanding why people buy. As a self-proclaimed “non-shopper,” he’s never related to the people who enjoy spending time at length perusing the shelves. “I’d rather be in and out in 15 minutes,” he says. “These days, I don’t even need to go into a store. I can just go to a website, pull up my shopping history, and click ‘buy again.’” Dennis has a personal passion for improv, which isn’t surprising when you learn his story. With saying, “yes, and” at the core of an improviser’s philosophy, Dennis knows there’s an element of fear in moving forward, but with that fear, he’s also found prosperity.

Client Shout Out: Meet Winston, founder of For the Love of Team

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Winston Faircloth’s on a mission of redemption.   “For Love of Team came out of my own painful experience as a founder of a technology organization,” he explains. “I really prioritized my clients and my products. I was always taking the side of my clients, which meant I had a pretty horrible culture inside.” 

Client Spotlight | Oregon Tilth, Inc.

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Oregon Tilth is a nonprofit organization and leading certifier, educator & advocate for organic agriculture since 1974. Our mission to make our food system and agriculture biologically sound and socially equitable requires us to find practical ways [...]

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